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Hottest Hacker Women in Internet History

Yeah that’s a bold claim but hey, it is what it is right? Here’s a thought too, hackers are like ninjas right? Meaning a REAL ninja would never been seen or caught, kinda like hackers… so with that being said, I’m sure there’s even hotter hackers out there (in my faptastic dreams) but until they reveal their Trinity’esque identities then we can all just stare at these girls.

Hacker girls all look like Trinity or Acid Burn right? RIGHT?

Hottest HackersKristina Svechinskaya

This New York university student was arrested back in 2002 for stealing $3 million dollars from thousands of US and British banks along with 8 other people. The group were actually planning on stealing more and Kristina herself opened multiple bank accounts and deposited $35k in total in them.

She has been released on bail but is still awaiting trial. If convicted she can get up to 40 years in the clank.

Hottest HackersAdeanna Cooke

Ok, a Playboy Playmate hacker? Uhhh yesss please!

She’s so badass in fact that when she found a website using her pics illegally, she hacked into their site and took the pics down herself. With her new found hacktivist powers she then started helping out friends and even earning the name “Hacker Fairy”, helping other women being taken advantage of online.

Hottest HackersYing Cracker

Ying Cracker is actually a teacher… that teaches how to hack. Hacking 101 – class in session! She’s also a hacker software writing and makes good money from her courses on using her hacking tools.

She was first noticed in a “Chinese Hottie Hackers” forum which spawned a huge fan base. Can you blame them? Now here’s the kicker – according to some hacker circles, Ying Cracker could possibly be a male crossdresser which is apparently not as uncommon as you would think in Chinese hacking circles to throw off the authorities.

What do YOU think?

Hottest HackersXiao Tian

May I present to you Xiao Tian – head of Cn Girl Security Team, a female hacker group with approx 2500 members and growing. Xiao Tian started the female hacker group as an outlet for other teen girls trying to make it in the male dominated hacker world in China.

Her group is even looking into creating “opportunities” for female hackers to get them jobs in IT security companies. One of the members of her group created a “commercial hacker trainer website:, offering hacking classes for a fee.

Hottest HackersRaven Adler

Look at Raven Adler one can only imagine her as a real life Lisbeth from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Raven was the first woman to present at the DefCon’s hacker conference and is a contributing author to many technical books (“Nessus Network Auditing”, “Snort 2.1”), magazines (“A Summary of Savvy Backbone Defense”, login;, Dec. 2005), and a frequent speaker at conferences (Black Hat, Linux World Expo, 23CCC, ShmooCon, ToorCon, DefCon, Ottawa Linux Symposium).

She continues to speak at various security conferences and gives us this piece of advice:

Learn TCP/IP or the internals of your operating system of choice. Ideally, learn both. Don’t just be a script-kiddie who downloads an attack program off the Internet and think that’s cool.

Preach on sista!

Hottest HackersJoanna Rutkowska

Joanna is a Polish security researcher, known for her research on low-level security and stealth malware. What this means to most of us n00bs is that she develops software and teaches the common folk on how to protect their machines from malware and trojan viruses.

She’s been named one of Five Hackers who Put a Mark on 2006 by eWeek Magazine for her research on what she calls “Blue Pill” – a technique she developed using hardware virtualization to move a running OS into a virtual machine as well as her example attack against the Vista kernel protection mechanism.

She even developed her own security-focused operating system called Qubes as well as owning her own security company called Invisible Things Labs.

Now THAT my friends, is impressive.

Know of any other female hackers that should make this list? Let us know!

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