Police got Batman!

hahahaha this is simply amazing. Some guy, (Mark Wayne Williams, 31), dressed as Batman was arrested after police found him hanging off the side of building and running around on the roofs of buildings.

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When police apprehended him they found he was carrying a baton, pepper spray and a pair of lead-lined gloves (I’m assuming by his pic that he just wasn’t in peak physical shape to do any damage?)

Williams was charged with several counts of carrying concealed weapons, one count of carrying a gas-ejecting weapon and another count of creating a disturbance, said John Calabrese, public safety chief in Petoskey.

“He really didn’t offer us any explanation,” Calabrese said when asked why Williams was in costume. “Our officers did not interrogate him at any length.”

Apparently this wasn’t Williams’ first run in with police. He had previously dressed up as The Crow and ran around town.

Good thing my super hero identity is still a secret.

Source: Reuters

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