Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Eight Minutes of Awesome

As Doge would say, “What game, so excite.”

Ubisoft has released an eight minute video, giving a walk through of what multiplayer will be like in their upcoming game, Watch Dogs.

The hype behind this game is building steadily, and possible franchise rumors are starting to swirl.  Watch Dogs appears to be taking the best elements from successful games, and folding them into its base.  We’ve seen Ubisoft do this before with the Assassin’s Creed games.  They took the best elements from the previous Assassin’s Creed titles, and wrapped them into Assassin’s Cred IV: Black Flag using what worked, and dropping what didn’t.

Watch Dogs is like a blend of Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed and Shadowrun.  It’s not just the gameplay elements either, it’s the look, feel and sound of Chicago brought to life on your screen.  You get immersed into the world right away.  Even as spectators, it feels as if you were walking through that park.  There is that feeling of adjusting and tilting your head, to peer around and get a look at who could be watching you, all from your behind your screen.

They are also pulling features from the newer games, like the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division.  These next-gen games will allow peripheral interaction; if you have a tablet or a smart phone, you can now play along with your friends on the consoles.

The focus of this walkthrough is on the multiplayer and it appears it stays true to Ubisoft’s usual mode with online game play.  Like the Assassin’s Creed series, it pits multiple players, in the same environment, against each other.  However, there is a risk with repeating this formula.  The online content in the AC series has never been strong enough to endure.  The multiplayer games have been fun, but they fail to keep players coming back for more.  It will be interesting to see what changes they make, to keep the replay factor high.

The walkthrough is worth a watch.  It builds the excitement, and showcases the graphics engine for the PC and next gen consoles.

This is a game to be excited about.

Watch Dogs is scheduled for release on May 27th, 2014.  Pre-order your copy today!

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  1. ZapTheSheep

    Good write up. I would disagree with your assessment of Ubi’s online multiplayer endurance though. Before dumping my 360 a couple months ago, there were still numerous servers filled to capacity for Rainbow Six: Vegas (an 8-year old game). This game, at least in the firefight sections, looks very similar in mechanics to R6.

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