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GEEKPR0N is an online geek culture magazine that unites nerds and geeks from Canada and around the world to bring you the awesome. Here, you will find geek girl (and guy) opinions/editorials, comics/movies/tv/gaming news & reviews, cosplay galleries, costuming tips, convention coverage and GEEKPR0N’s growing events. Aside from mainstream nerd culture, we also offer a platform for the local, indie, and obscure geek community to be heard.

Founded by J3SS OPS in 2009, GEEKPR0N was officially launched online May 4th, 2011 as an entirely female-run blog. This was the key differentiator in the male-dominated geek blogosphere; a place where women geeks can come and feel at home, where skill and knowledge define your nerd cred, not gender or cliques. Geek solidarity is the core reason GEEKPR0N exists, and we hope it’s making a difference.

Writers / Contributors

Do you think you got what it takes to be a GEEKPR0N writer? Are you a true, obsessive, passionate geek at heart who is not afraid to share your opinions and criticisms from our hardcore fans? Can you contribute at least once a week to GEEKPR0N.com?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we’d love to hear from you. Everyone is welcome!

We are looking for all kinds of different articles for our site featuring everything from comics/gaming/movie/tv reviews to interviews and opinion pieces. All content must be original and will be approved by our editors prior to being posted on the site. Photos used in the article must come with credits when applicable.

We offer a great incentive program, opportunities to get your voice heard, celebrity interviews, access to events (including our growing GEEKPR0N parties) and more.

To apply (or if you have questions), simply send us some examples of your writing to info[@]geekpr0n.com or use our contact form.

Cosplayers / Geek Models

Are you an up and coming cosplayer that wants to show all the hard work you’ve put into your costume? If you would like to have a featured gallery on our site, please send us a photos or links of where we can see your shoot. All of our new cosplay features include an interview and a write-up to go up with your gallery as well as proper accreditation for your costume designer, photographer, MUA and more.

Please send your submissions to info[@]geekpr0n.com

Giveaways / Reviews / Sponsorship

Want us to help you host a giveaway or contest? Got something you’d like reviewed and shown to the masses? Whether you are just starting out or just want to grow your fan base, contests or reviews can help you get your brand out there. We also offer the opportunity to have your items featured on our tables at convention events including (but not limited to) art, clothing, jewelry, business cards, etc. Please contact us at info[@]geekpr0n.com or use our contact form for more information.

Promotions / Events

Looking for GEEKPR0N to help promote your next event to our fans? Would you like GEEKPR0N’s promo team at your event? We can help! Not only can we sponsor your event, but we can get it seen by our growing fan base. Need hosts or entertainment? We can do that too! Contact us at info[@]nerdnorth.net so we could learn more about your needs and send you our current packages and pricing to help make your event a success.

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