Anime North 2016: Video by LinkSpeaks

This past weekend fans endured the heat for Anime North 2016, a staple event for local cosplayers, artists and other industry folk no matter how much chaos it brings into our lives.

With this year being the con’s 20th anniversary, the hotel region by Pearson airport was unsurprisingly packed with attendees old and new. Whether it’s shopping for hard-to-get collectibles, showing off new costumes or playing into some of the most intense people-watching you’ll ever do, Anime North keeps on trekking and results in memories for all every year.

At over 30,000 attendees, the con is one of the originals as far as Canada’s local cons go. Though often imitated with the booming convention market, nothing ever quite replicates the experience of an army of geeks swarming the airport district for the weekend.

Local media talent LinkSpeaks was on site this weekend and created a stellar video of some of the happenings at the con and has very kindly allowed us to share it. In it you will see just some of the amazing cosplayers that come to AN every year, as well as a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! Take the chance to relive the weekend, or live vicariously for those whom missed out.

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