Meet the Proud New Owner of an Original Batman Returns Suit

Anyone who owns a Batman costume is awesome in my book.

Anyone who owns a Batsuit that was actually worn on screen in 1991’s Batman Returns is, well…they might as well be Batman.

Andrew Speranza is the mad scientist behind A.S. Creations, a company you may have spotted at conventions across Canada that specialize in creating sculptures and masks of iconic superhero and movie characters.


“I was always into art as a kid, drawing, making sculptures out of play dough like most kids,” Speranza reminisces. “I continued as a young adult and took art classes to further my skills. These tools led me to create [A.S Creations], and  we have been running for 5 years now traveling and displaying our creations across Canada at comic conventions and expos.”

Though Speranza is a fan of all things film, horror, and comics, the artist has always held a soft spot in his heart for the Caped Crusader. “My passion for Batman began at age four when I first saw the 1989 film. I was instantly hooked,” Speranza tells Geekpr0n. For years, the sculptor vowed that an onscreen Batsuit would make its way into his own collection. Now, thanks in part to the earnings made from A.S. Creations, Speranza had the opportunity to acquire a Batsuit worn on screen by a stunt actor during Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. “It’s definitely the centre piece of my collection,” the Bat-fan muses.


“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

the real batsuit

“I am vengeance, I am the night, I am ANDREW!”

While Speranza’s original Returns Batsuit is currently resting safely within his own Batcave, he hopes to eventually take the suit with him on the road for future conventions and expos. “I hope that I will be able to share it with others around the world one day. It’s truly a blessing to share my passion with others, and I hope that it will continue for years to come.”

You can view Speranza’s wildest creations over on his official site or on A.S. Creations’ Facebook page.
as creations

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