Fan Expo Canada 2016: Cosplay Gallery

Wrapping up our coverage for Fan Expo 2016 is our cosplay gallery! We haven’t forgotten about you amazingly talented people.

What a hell of a con. Now that we are home from Fan Expo, we’re ready to kick back and enjoy labor day, but not before showing off all the incredible costumes we saw this year! With the con growing exponentially every year, there’s always a butt load of stunning cosplays to look for in the crowds. Amidst the tsunami of Harley Quinns (I counted about 82 at a modest estimate), this year still saw a colorful variety in what fans chose to wear.

It’s hard to wax poetic about the skill and wow factor of cosplayers when their work so often speaks for itself (ut alas, I still have to because WordPress makes me do a minimum word count!). People cosplay for different reasons – fun, profit, self-expression, escapism, or a myriad of other reasons that exist in the mysteries of human nature. (Like I said. Minimum word count. Give me a break, people.)

With how crazy busy Fan Expo gets, we can barely keep up! The photos we took just about scratch the surface of what you’re bound to see at cons. Although, only a small number of cosplayers seen at cons are there as special guests, the majority are not actually professionals or models. That’s right, most cosplayers are attendees that arrive in costume willingly, which keeps the hobby an anticipated part of any con for me. Cosplayers showing up are a given – but what will they wear? Will you see your favorite characters? It’s like a kaleidoscope for fandom. (75 more words… god help me.)

Here we have our gallery from the cosplay we checked out at Fan Expo Canada 2016! Be sure to check out the photos as they go live on Facebook as well so that you can tag yourself, your friends, your grandma, ETC.

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