Chatting with Vera Bambi for an Exclusive interview!

Vera Bambi (formally known as Vera Baby) is currently Canada’s hottest Cosplay Cutie! I recently had the chance to talk to her about her mark in the business, and how it all got started!!bannersite

Kassandra: Hey Vera Bambi, Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us at Geekpr0n!   So tell us, How did you get into Cosplay Culture?

Vera: Growing up a geek is really the gateway drug. Nintendo, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Disney, TMNT, and so on. I started at conventions just enjoying and was invited out as a Suicide Girl a few times. I am a pretty big batman fan and a collector of items like hot toys, sideshow collectibles and things like that. So I would always be on the lookout for a deal. In my exploration I would always see other girls prancing around in the best costumes and imagine myself and what I would do. I was always a bit quiet when it came to talking nerdy stuff so I avoided it for a whole out of fear. Then one day I decided to get a booth to promote my modelling and had a dream that I attended in cosplay. Last minute I decided to jump in and the rest is history.

Kassandra: Wow, that’s amazing were so glad you decided to go with it. Now your one of the leading Cosplay women in the scene!  What was the very first cosplay you wore to that Con?

Vera: My lineup at that convention was Mary Jane, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Snow White. My Mary Jane did so well and really kicked off my cosplay career. I saw myself all over the Internet the next day and for weeks following. People sharing my pics on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and so on. I had been modelling for a while prior to cosplay, but even in nude work nothing boosted my career quite like cosplay did.


Kassandra:Your Mary Jane is my favorite! Do you happen to be a big Spider-Man fan?  Are you a bigger fan of Marvel or DC?

Vera: To be honest I’m not as big a Spider-Man fan as people think. I enjoy Spider-Man and am a fan, but not a fanatic. The reasoning behind my Mary Jane cosplay is mainly my love for Artist J. Scott Campbell. I really look up to his work, so much admiration for him and his style. Marvel or DC? Damn, ummm. Well Batman is my shit and that right there trumps all of Marvel for me. However, as a whole I’m gonna have to say Marvel. That’s a tricky question for me.

Kassandra: What was the very first comic book you owned and what are you currently reading?

Vera: I can’t remember the first one I owned. When I started with comic books I would grab them strictly based on the cover art. I have a collection of comics that I’ve grabbed strictly because I liked the covers and I still buy them that way from time to time. I never read them at first but I’ve taken an interest in reading within the last 2 years or so. The first one I grabbed to read was HUSH, and now I’m reading Batman Dark Victory.
I’m actually reading it while I answer these questions 😛


Kassandra: Who/what inspires you to do what you do?

Vera: I am really inspired by artists. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, most of my life my art was everything to me. I don’t draw as much anymore because I focus my energy elsewhere, but the art world is where my heart is. It’s why I’m so into tattoos and nerd culture. Exploring Artists Alley at conventions is my favorite thing. I tend to base my cosplays on unique fan art or even designs I draw up myself in my private time. Sometimes I aim towards a design I’ve seen in a film but I always feel inspired to change it in some way because I just feel the most creative that way.

Kassandra: We’re loving your new name Vera Bambi, how did you come up with it ? Are you going with something new from your previous looks?

Vera: I needed something close to Vera Baby, I really wanted to re-brand and get rid of “Baby” for something still young and flirty but more brand-able. I also didn’t want to change my signature which I sign “Vera” next to a big “B” so the last name had to have a B. I wrote down a bunch of options and Bambi just felt the best to me. People are responding positively so I guess it was a good change 🙂

Kassandra:I am currently following your makeup blog and loving it ! Have you thought about expanding your branding into cosmetics?

Vera: I want to. My fan base is majorly men, I have some ladies in my corner but not as many as I do gentlemen, so that complicates things. It is my dream to one day have a cosmetic line and branch into the beauty world


Kassandra: Tell us about your Favorite con experience.  Have you had any bad experiences?

Vera: My favorite con experience was just at Chicago C2E2 2016. I showed up late feeling awful for being so behind schedule on day 1 and there was a group of people waiting for me, the rest of the weekend continued with a full line of people. I was very shocked at first and extremely flattered. I can’t stop smiling even now. To think anyone would be excited enough to wait in a line to meet me is amazing!

As for a bad experience, I would say anyone who is grabby. It doesn’t happen often, most people I meet at conventions are very respectful and understanding that cosplay is not consent. But, every now and then some jerk thinking I’m a hooker tries to offer me money for sexual favors, it’s very insulting. Then I’ve experienced very handsy people, good thing about that is a good knee to the balls is very effective, and ladies who feel harassed really only need to report the behavior and the individual will be instantly escorted out of the convention center.

I once experienced a woman winding up for a full hard slap on my bare ass walking past me at a con, it was quite the hard unwanted hit. Sometimes ladies think that the rules don’t apply to them because they’re girls, but the truth is that sometimes the girls are worse.

Kassandra: Thank You for taking the time to chat with us over at Geekpr0n! To end with a high, what advice can you give fellow cosplayers following in your footsteps?

Vera: Stay true to what you love and work with passion. If you’re not into it move on. I’ve been told and am still being told my bedroom cosplay style is “not cosplay” or “you won’t get booked” but I refuse to do anything I don’t love. I’m happy to work for myself if conventions don’t want to seek me out, and if one day they change their tune I’ll still be here doing my thing. Thanks so much Kassandra and Geekpr0n for the lovely interview.


Thank you Vera for taking the time to talk to us.  You can check out more of Vera’s cosplay on her website (, and be sure to follow her on Twitter:  @VERABAMBILIVE

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