The Best Questions & Answers from Adam West and Burt Ward’s Final Canadian Appearance

Holy Q’s & A’s, Batfans! At Fan Expo 2016, Batman and Robin themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward, bombarded attendees with jokes and trivia from their time on the landmark 1960s Batman show. As this is the last time either Adam West of Burt Ward will be appearing publicly in Canada, Geekpr0n decided it was worthwhile to immortalize their final panel by sharing some of the Dynamic Duo’s best quotes.

Without further ado, enjoy the hijinks of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder one last time!
Note: For best results, please read Adam’s quotes in your head using his voice.

 Q: Of all the actors who have played Batman, who’s your favourite and why?

Adam West: Me, me, me.  Oh, you mean some other guy? Okay, well I like…what are the names? I like Christian Bale pretty much. And I’ll tell you why: he likes me. Anyway, they’re all great.

Burt Ward: Let me answer that last question. I just wanted to say there were a lot of very fine actors that played in the Batman movies. Everyone’s a good actor, very respected. But really, there’s only one Batman, and that’s Adam West.

*mass applause*

AW: Thanks Burt, here’s that $100.00!

Q: Adam, Burt, who were your  childhood heroes?

AW: My dad.
But on the silver screen, I just loved Gary Cooper and all of those stars. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. They don’t make ’em like you, anymore, Burt!

BW: It’s true. Better off now.

AW: Oh yes.

Q: Burt, what’s your favourite “Holy” line?

BW: There’s truly 378 of them but they were always appropriate to the situation. Would you like me to do one?

*Crowd cheers*


AW: Oh, grow up! You know what I liked? There was the Mexican restaurant, and [Robin] turns to me and says, “Holy guacamole, Batman!” Simple, but effective.

Q: There was a rumour before Batman was canceled that Clint Eastwood was going to play Two Face. Were there any other actors that were trying to get in on the show?

BW: I didn’t hear that rumour.

AW: I’ve never heard this. I’ve heard many others that you probably don’t care of…we had every actor in Hollywood trying to get on the show. I think for several reasons. One, we had a very hot show. And two, they knew our villains were almost Shakespearean in costume and attitude and their demeanor. They knew their kids would watch and they could watch with their kids and their grandchildren.

Burt’s Q: Why don’t you tell them how you came up with the idea for the Batusi?

AW: Well I have a lot of natural rhythm. The Batusi…I was driving to the studio, and there was some music on my radio. And uh, suddenly I felt this spirit. And I began to move. While drinking my coffee and texting…I don’t know how I came up with that! You know, actors are strange people. But oh, it’s so beautiful … the Batusi…

Q: Aside from Batman, who is your favourite character you’ve voiced?

AW: That’s a good question. It could be the Wise Old Parrot, it could be the Gray Ghost. We may even do a series of the Gray Ghost. We may even do a series of the Gray Ghost. But I think…yes…the Mayor of Quahog.

*Audience applause*

It is fun, and I really enjoy working with the very talented Seth Mcfarlene. He’s a genius, and probably the richest man in Hollywood by now.

Q: On the Batman series who was your favourite actor or actress to work with?

AW: Oh that’s easy. That is easy.

BW: Oh well actually it’s a very tough question.

AW: It’s easy. Catwoman!

BW: I warned you all, Adam’s obsessed with her.

AW: She gave me curious stirrings in my utility belt!


Adam West and Burt Ward will be appearing at Fan Expo all day Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t miss out on your last chance to meet the Dynamic Duo in person!

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