The Bigger They Are… – The Top 10 “BIG DUDES” In Fandom!

We as geeks take pride in our big imaginations and larger-than-life worlds. And it’s from those worlds that this list of juggernauts hail from. Standing tall and carrying big sticks (or knives, guns, whatever), these fellas tower over all of their friends, foes and fans without question.



“We are defenders of the night. We are gargoyles!”

Leader of the Gargoyles and the first of his race to receive a name from the humans, this nocturnal beefcake commands respect from allies and enemies alike with his dominating presence. His role as leader of his clan stems from both his compassionate and cunning intellect as well as his powerfully brute strength. (Not to mention is thunderously awesome voice!)


“Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe… maybe…”

Charging head first into battle, Team Fortress 2’s Heavy doesn’t shy away from the fray or fart around with mamsy-pamsy distractions like “finesse” or “strategy”. Nope, the only plan this bald bruiser needs is to find the other team and point his lady love Sasha in their direction. Everything he does is big. Big bullets. Big war cries. Big sandwich!



“Come out, come out, wherever you are! “

Being big doesn’t always mean being bad. Sometimes you’ll find that that even jolly, magical things can come in great big packages. Take for example everyone’s favorite wood spirit Totoro, who may look a little slow and lazy at first. You just have to get to know him a bit. Be nice to him and his forest and he’ll be sure to return the favor with high flying adventures and a few friendly, earth shaking roars!




As if you didn’t have enough to worry about when making your way through Left 4 Dead. Slobbering infected around every turn. Lanky smokers always clogging up the air. Hoodies running and jumping rampantly. Psychotic emo chicks that will tear your throat out if you so much as look at them. (Actually that sounds like high school to me). But when THIS guy shows up, forget it. None of that matters. Just start running and pray you don’t get nailed in the back of the head by a car.



The Eighth Wonder Of The World

A grandaddy amongst our list of titans, the one and only Kong can go toe to toe with T-Rexs and still come out on top. And as every six year old knows, nothing can kill a T-Rex! This colossal simian has thrown down with every massive monster thought up in movies, games and stories throughout history. And as one of the oldest big dudes in our list still kicking ass today, there’s a reason they call him the King!

#5 – MR. STAY PUFt

NOBODY steps on a church in my town.

NOBODY steps on a church in my town!

Don’t let his adorable smile or that pudgy demeanor fool you, Mr. Stay Puft is out to cause some damage. Summoned by Gozer to be the destroyer of our world and chosen by the hapless Ghostbusters themselves, the marshmallow man throws his monstrously delicious weight around all of Manhattan with the best of ’em, proving once and for all that cute packaging can’t cover up the destructive capability of junk foods everywhere.

 #4 – BOWSER


“Bwa ha ha ha!”

The champion villain of all our childhoods, Bowser leads his Koopa army with iron claws. You might think that someone who never seems to move beyond or further develop the same “plan” he’s had since the 80s might not be suitable for a leadership role. I’m sure it’s come up a few times with the other Koopa officers. Yet there he stands in his castles waiting for offish plumbers to come and try their luck, secure in his position by way of simply being the biggest and baddest!



“I gotta admit I always wanted to get Edgar Allan Poe in a headlock.”

The Polish/Swedish/Winnebago murder machine that (sometimes) looks out for Team Venture, Brock does him an awful lot of beating, stabbing and killing. His nearly inhuman strength and endurance strikes fear into just about anyone that even hears his name, and his reliance on nothing but his body and blade makes even armies of super villain henchmen shake.




The oldest of the brothers Strong, Strong Mad takes life one shout at a time. He can be compassionate enough to look out for his smaller buddies like the Cheat, but you don’t a name like Strong MAD by being calm and delicate all the time. When angry (or even when he’s excited), anything around this neckless roughhouser has the potential to get wrecked!


"Hulk.... SMASH!!"

“Hulk…. SMASH!!”

You may have weapons. You may have powers. You may have super scientific gadgetry or alien technology that lets you breathe fire or bend metal with your mind. You may have powerful godlike abilities or command legions of followers. But at the end of the day there is very little that can argue with simply being the strongest there is! Throw everything you’ve got at him. Fire all your weapons. Use all your tricks. It doesn’t matter. You’ll just make him angry, and in the end you are STILL going to get SMASHED!

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