Captain Canuck: The Finale

Party like a hero! It’s just under a week before the sneak preview of Captain Canuck webseries finale, and like most of the other episodes, they are throwing a party.

Join creators and fans at The Great Hall, located at 1087 Queen West – between Ossington and Duffrin, on Thursday March 6th, 7pm onwards.

Why? Not only with they screen the finale episode at the same location that they filmed and launched their successful crowdsource campaign, but there will be many special guests. Wordburglar, whose song played over the end credits of episode four, will be preforming a new song to honour our Captain. Other musical guests include Platinum Blonde’s Mark Holmes singing “It Doesn’t Really Matter” and a performance from the Watchmen’s Daniel Greaves.

Many of the voice actors, including InnerSpace’s Ajay Frey and Lost Girl’s Paul Amos, will be in attendance and you’ll be able to see UD Replicas Universal Designs’ real world Canuck Uniform, which they describe as “imposing, yet friendly”.

The Mister Gold logo

The Mister Gold logo

If behind the scene creators are more your style, the original creator, Richard Comely, as well as the person behind the new design, Kalman Andrasofszky, will also be there.  Not only is Kalman involved with designing the characters, but he’s also involved in the comic book which will we should hear more about at the event, or check out the interview Hope did with him on our site.

Before you come, why not rewatch the first four episodes at the Captain Canuck website?  Watch Canuck save the Canada Day concert on Parliament Hill; then watch he and Red Coat battle minons in Halifax; in episode three a captured Canuck faces Mr. Gold and fights Blue Fox in the Rockies; and then in episode four, see Mr. Gold secret lair. Given everything thing that’s happened to the Captain, including an interview on InnerSpace,  I can’t imagine how the finale will go.

I’ll be at the launch — haven’t missed one yet — and even covered the fourth one for G33KPR0N (here), so I  hope to see you there!


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