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Crazy Hot Tia Carrere

Once upon a time, in a movie called Wayne’s World, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walked on screen and rocked the shit out of Ballroom Blitz, a song she actually covered for the film.

Since then, the incredibly beautiful Tia Carrere has made quite the name for herself. Her work includes over 40 films 20 something televisions shows and has lent her voice to countless video games and cartoons such as Duck Dodgers and Saints Row.

Not only is Tia an accomplished actress, she’s also a two time Grammy award winning musician. Her album, “Huana Ke Alhoa” won her the golden gramophone in 2011 and in 2009, Tia took home her first grammy for her 3rd album, “Ikena.”

Her beauty, talent, and sultry voice make Tia the definition of a triple threat and we are incredibly honored that she’s taking the time to party with us at the Official Toronto ComiCON Kick-off Party!

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