Destiny is changing how we play FPS (for the better)

Not too long ago I had the chance to play the Destiny beta on the Xbox One and I was relieved to say the least. When the game was first announced I was extremely hopeful, but (as always) a bit cynical about the end result of the game.

The game is now out and it is (by far) the years most anticipated game.

If you are still on the fence about picking up Destiny, or are unsure about what the game is like, just keep reading – Destiny will eventually make it’s way into your home, and heart.


Destiny Races

Human [Source: OscarTheMonster], Awoken [Source: Jacek Halas], and Exo [Source: Carolyn Petit]

Humans vary from different Earth races and are exactly what you’d expect, humans. I wasn’t particularly fond of  playing human, there isn’t much point to picking what you already are in real life, especially against some stiff competition.

Awoken were a group of humans who fled Earth to the far reaches of the galaxy, but something out there changed them. Their pale skin and eerie features give them the appearance of angelic beings mixed with vampires and the traditional fantasy elf. The Awoken vary depending on how you model their faces and can look very similar to an off-coloured human all the way to a creepy-yet-beautiful alien-human hybrid.

Exo are a robot race – all metal with human emotions programmed into them. This is a common race for the vendors you find in the game and one I was nervous playing just in case any devices in my house are conscious, I don’t want to give them any ideas.


destiny classes

[Image Source]

Hunter – Specs to choose from: Gunslinger or Bladedancer. Gunslinger is fairly self-explanatory – guns, guns, and more guns. Bladedancer is more of a melee class, focussing on utilizing their hunter blade and their abilities. If you want to validate your existence and be sought after in game, roll Bladedancer. Almost all raids are going to want at least one present, as you can pull the”oh-shit-we’re-going-to-die-I-should-vanish” tactic.

Warlock – Specs to choose from: Voidwalker or Sunslinger. The Voidwalker uses the power of darkness to their advantage, literally shaping the void. Probably one of my favourite to play, however you should keep in mind they are a glass cannon; massive DPS but little survivability. Sunslinger, on the other hand, harnesses solar energies to kick ass. One thing to note, the Sunslinger is the only spec in the game with the ability to simultaneously damage enemies and heal team mates, as well as resurrect themselves in combat.

Titan – Specs to choose from: Striker or Defender. This is a tank(ish) class.  The Striker is a DPS heavy spec that primarily uses shotguns and melee range attacks. You literally  have to be on top of your enemy the duration of a fight to utilize every ability, and if you happen to  be distanced from who you’re fighting you’ll be at a disadvantage. Defender is your classic tank spec, and essentially what you would expect. There is one twist, however, an ability you have where, at melee range, you disable your opponent’s abilities.


Destiny blends single player content with MMO-style gameplay and is perfect for those who don’t want a full blown MMO for the console. It is quite possible to play the entire game on your own, if you really wanted to, the only drawback would be maintaining a constant connection to the internet. I really don’t think this would be much of a problem since almost no one picks up an FPS with the intention of playing the single player campaign, and only the single player campaign.

If you are into solo-gameplay you don’t have to worry about open world ganking while you complete your single player quests, and as well during crucial story-based missions you are able to fully opt out of having to deal with anyone else and roll solo instead. This could come in handy if you find yourself constantly being paired with idiots, which unfortunately tends to happen most often in an FPS style game.

You can get that warm and fuzzy MMO feel when you are in your city hubs, the PvP world (the Conclave) and event missions – large scale encounters that are available to everyone online and requires a mass amount of people to complete.

Overall Destiny is a digestible MMO, and is adaptable to a variety of gaming styles.  Due to the fact that it is an MMO, it is impossible to immediately rate outside of the big 3; how it looks, how it feels, and how likely are you to keep playing it.

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Replay Value
Final Thoughts

Due to obvious reasons this game scored high in my books (and my books are the only books that matter on the subject).

Overall Score 4.7

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