Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer analysis

After what feels like an eternity of wait, the announcement trailer for the new Deus Ex game Mankind Divided, dropped earlier this week and it looks amazing. From what little has been revealed at this point, we do know that the game is set in 2029, two years following the events of Human Revolution and roughly twenty years before the events of the original Deus Ex.  Adam Jansen returns as the game’s protagonist, now working for an Interpol backed organization dedicated to tracking down cybernetically augmented terrorists that have became a global issue in the last two years.

In search of more details I’ve gone and analyzed the game’s trailer to provide some speculation on the next step in the evolution of Deus Ex.



A major part of the trailer seems to be this guy right here.


The trailer opens with Jansen apparently trailing the mystery man through the streets of a city in Eastern Europe and is seen saving him from a savage beating at the hands of riot cops sent to round up augmented humans and, one can assume, cart them off to some kind of containment faculty.  Towards the end of the trailer we see the young man joining up with a room full of heavily armed augments.  At first glance we can assume that this hooded figure is a lead Jansen is trailing to locate one of the terrorist groups he is investigating .  But maybe there is a little more to it.




Maybe I’m crazy.  Or maybe it’s just that both of them share a questionable choice in facial hair styles, but the pair look similar.  Given what we know about the genetic modifications that Jansen was subjected to as a child so that his body does not reject cybernetic augments, someone may have cloned him to try and better understand this gift.  Maybe a long lost younger brother?  Only time will tell.


The next detail that caught my attention was this frame here


Long time fans of the series will instantly recognize the logo of Majestic 12 at the center of the image.  Along the left side are three logos.  An unidentified one at the top corner, followed by the Versalife corporation, a company with strong ties to the Majestic 12 and the Illuminati, which was the company responsible for the experiments on young Jansen.  And at the bottom the Picus News Network.  The right side lists several organizations but most interestingly is the inclusions of Sarif Industries, the corporation that Jansen worked for in the previous game.  Its also note worthy that there is a clear line linking Versalife to Sarif.   Could this be hinting that people thought to be allies in the previous game could now be enemies?  Were they enemies all along?

A hint to the link between Sarif and the Illuminati could be gleamed in Sarif ads in the first game. Take a look at this and tell me if it reminds you of anything?



Do you see it it?


How about now?


When turned upside down the ad does resemble the Majestic 12 crest.

The last thing, and probably the coolest part of the trailer is a glimpse at the new augment upgrades players may be getting a chance to play with.

In addition to the trademark blades hidden in his cybernetic arms, we catch a glimpse of a few new tricks up his sleeve, quite literally.

Firstly it would seem that Jansen took a lesson from mercenary Lawrence Barret in the last game and equipped one of his arms with a hidden chain-gun that he uses to dispatch several riot cops during the earlier mentioned fight scene in the trailer.



The same scene also shows our hero using some kind of sound based blaster weapon to disable a group of attacking riot cops in a single blast.



Towards the end of the trailer we see a fun looking long range stun attack that looks like it fires electrified darts from Jansen’s knuckles.  For someone like me who enjoy playing non lethal I get a feeling this will be something that gets a lot of use.



The trailer also showcases a really cool looking dash maneuver and the ability to launch the arm blades into targets.  The biggest treat is the final shot of the trailer in which it looks like Jansen is activating some form of shield to defend against a grenade that has been launched at him.


shield up


Right now it is not 100% clear is this is an actual upgrade you can receive in the game or just something stylish they did for the trailer, but if it is an upgrade is could end up being the first weaponized use of nano tech in the timeline, helping to pave the way for the eventual use of it to augment JC Denton in the first game.


Are you excited to Deus Ex Mankind Divided? Have some information that isn’t mentioned here or some theories of your own to share?  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!


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