FanExpo 2016: Top 5 Cool Things In Artist’s Alley

Toronto’s FanExpo can be overwhelming; there are so many guests to see, panels to attend and so much merch to buy. It’s easy to get lost in the mazes of comics and crafts, but fear not! We scoured Artist’s Alley to find you the coolest and most unique, must see artists this year. Here they are, in no particular order:

Red Moon Glassworks

red moon 1

Just a handful of the many options.

Red Moon Glassworks is a perennial favourite at FanExpo. Their booth inevitably draws a crowd and with good reason; you can’t walk by without spotting a logo or image from your favourite fandom, whatever it is. They sell rocks glasses and flasks etched with almost anything your heart desires, so it’s easy to get lost debating which one is your favourite. Even better, the flasks come in a multitude of colours providing almost endless options to customise. You can check them out at booth 519 or take a look at their Storenvy shop.

red moon 2

Had to have them

Rawry and Pohly

r and p 1

We love this spin on Pokemon!

The release of PokemonGO has brought Pokemon back into the spotlight. Everybody is playing it, and anybody who says they aren’t, is probably lying. Naturally, this year’s FanExpo has tons of cool Pokemon merch, but nothing is quite as unique as the art from Rawry and Pohly. These adorable versions of your favourite Pokemon are hand painted so no two are exactly alike. They are so delightfully vivid and bright that this writer couldn’t help but stare every time she walked by. Rawry and Pohly are in the heart of the Alley at booth P130 or you can see their stuff in their Etsy store .

Ian Campbell FX


So much cool!

Skyrim is an amazing game that does not get enough love, so merch is scarce at the best of times. Enter Ian Campbell who has painstakingly recreated the Dragon Priest’s masks as well as other gems like The Legend of Zelda’s Majora’s Mask and Magneto’s helmet. The replicas are beautiful to say the least. They are cosplay quality or great to fill in that little bit of wall space you have. In addition, he also offers carved wooden boxes that span many fandoms. You can pay him a visit at booth A93.

8-Bit Wood

8 bit 2 cropped

Need a belt buckle? Of course you do! How else will your pants stay up?

8-Bit Wood is closing up shop. Sadly this is his last convention, so if you want one of his pieces, now is the time! As the name suggests, he makes wicked 8-bit designs using natural wood and presses them into unique cutting boards. They are a really cool upgrade to your kitchen. And if you’re not much of a cook, he also has a collection of belt buckles available. He’s covered multiple fandoms, so you’ll likely find something to suit you. Who doesn’t want to add a little geek style to their dinner prep? Check him out at booth A36.

8 bit 4

Just some of the really cool cutting boards that can grace your kitchen.

Katy Montica

Katy Montica 3

The artist with her work.

Katy Montica has an impressive resume, but it’s her incredible felting creations that caught our eye. Her offerings range from adorable little Pokeballs and a dancing Groot, to do-it-yourself felting kits. She even has a stunning Forest Spirit head and giant Eevee that were all made by hand over the course of several weeks. Some of her creations are wearable and some are purely decorative; whichever one draws your eye, you can be sure that creating it was a lot of work. Take a look at her felt critters at booth A153 or you can see her work in her Etsy store.

Katy Montica 4 cropped

Some people hang taxidermy from their walls, we prefer decorating with anything Ghibli.

What are some of your Artist Alley favorites?  Let us know in the comments below!

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