GEEKPR0N Previews Mighty No. 9

I was called into the GEEKPR0N offices early last week by the senior staff. Confused at my sudden summons to the place that I’ve lit on fire no less than three times, I traveled all the same as a true and obedient mercenary. Upon my arrival I found my editors standing around a laptop with a wired controller plugged in.

It turned out that our core staff somehow “acquired” a build of the prologue level of Keiji Inafune’s upcoming Mighty No. 9. Backed by Kickstarter for nearly four million dollars, the title is known for its numerous delays.

As a result, the member of the GEEKPR0N roster with the least knowledge of Mighty No. 9 and its inspiration, Mega Man, was chosen to review this title. That person being me. I did not back Mighty No. 9 nor have I seen any promo images of the game itself. As such, I loaded up my copy containing just the prologue level at the GEEKPR0N secret offices and began to play.


Really pretty isn’t it?

I was immediately thrust into a brilliant and interesting digital world cast in 16 bits. Retro, yes, but in this age of Kickstarter you have to give the people what they want, don’t you? And nothing holds more love then the 16 bit era.

Scape shot

My first enemy! So shiny and new!

The backgrounds were absolutely stunning in this prologue stage giving the image of a vast cityscape that had been turned into a battlefield by enemy robots, each one interesting and uniquely designed. From strange spikey-wheel enemies, to airborne enemies that dropped weights, to odd car enemies. Never mind the giant wasp helicopters.

Hornet copter


I found the prologue stage challenging at first, but eventually I adapted to the difficulty curve presented. As I did, I neared the end of the stage and found myself face-to-face with a dramatic adversary. A strange, purple robot stood before me riding in a giant mechanical suit of armor. A “ride armor” if you will.

Enemy Ride armor

I’m coining that now. I think it’ll catch on.

Anyway, I found myself being dramatically defeated until a strange red robot appeared. I thereby concluded that this must be the mythical Brandish that would be Mighty No. 9’s big brother for the story.

Brandish scene

He easily sent off the vile robot that assaulted me and assured me that I would eventually become stronger then him. Emboldened by this news I ended the prologue.

Alas, dear readers, the game build was not such that it allowed me to progress past that point. Despite my disappointment I found myself eagerly excited for the upcoming Mighty No. 9. The prologue was fun, fresh, and a nice preview for a full game. I look forward to the full release… sometime soon… I hope.



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