RUE MORGUE Brings Horror Show to Hammer Town

2016 has been a very morbid year. But perhaps that works in the favor of Rue Morgue, Canada’s titans of horror and all things macabre. After officially ending a professional partnership with FanExpo Canada last year, the group have branched off for their own events. With this independence comes the chance to focus on what they do best. The result is the Dark Carnival Expo, which took place this past weekend.

Hosted at the Hamilton Convention Center (also home to ConBravo), Rue Morgue can spread its wings at last. As their first event run independently of FanExpo, the team did not set a low bar for themselves. Panels contained healthy variety with well-thought-out dialogue and accessibility to guests. Considering the guest roster included names like George Romero and WolfCop, the show was, like all the best horror (except for Evil Dead 2), hands-on.

Custom horror-themed foosball table, made by Precious Mutations.

Custom horror-themed foosball table, made by Precious Mutations. I want it.

In spite of the niche, not everything was blood and guts. The vendor and artist’s area contained some of the most unique work I’ve seen in a decade of attending cons. Amongst the attractions was a classic, circus-style sideshow tent facilitated by MentalFloss. Contained within, wonders like the un-wisdom tooth of Judas Iscariot or a cyclops fetus. A few tables over was Deadly Grounds, who sold their own horror-themed coffee and tea. These were just some of the plethora of talented folks that came out to play for the Dark Carnival. Even if you’re an easy scare, being creative and having fun were at the forefront of this event. (Although, as nice as it is to see young fans at cons, the number of zombie children about did unsettle.)

All told, the years spent working under the big boys have paid off for Rue Morgue. This is likely the most organized, friendliest first-year con that I’ve been to. How many more sleeps, or screams, til next time?

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