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COSPLAY: Steampunk Vader and Sexy Sith

Check out J3SS OPS in her Sexy Sith cosplay alongside her trusty robot sidekick G33KBOT as a Steampunk Vader.

Models: J3SS OPS, G33KBOT
MUA: Rashelle Squidinx
Photographer: Rhett Morita

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4 Comments on COSPLAY: Steampunk Vader and Sexy Sith

  1. Nikanoru

    That’s all nice and sexy but has nothing to do with Darth Vader outside of the Empire symbol and the lightsaber. She could be a generic Sith. There’s no cape or chest lights. There isn’t a single thing about her costume that would make me think “Darth Vader”.

  2. Far Out

    I’d like to think I contributed to this in a teeny tiny way hahaha. You guys looked fuckin’ Awesome on Hallowe’en and these pics are just Amazeballs!

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