10 Sexy Marvel Characters You Want to Date

 There are so many sexy comic book characters. They’re the very model of fantasy in their skimpy, spandex uniforms. But how many of them are date worthy? How many of them have real partner potential? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I took a few minutes to consider which Marvel characters would make my date list and present it for your enjoyment. So without farther ado, here is my list of 10 characters I wouldn’t mind having dinner and a movie with in no particular order:


Yes, Wolverine and Storm were a thing. Try not to be jealous.

Yes, Wolverine and Storm were a thing. Try not to be jealous.

Anyone who knows me knows that Wolverine will always be at the top of my list. He’s short, stocky and covered with hair but there’s something about this cigar smoking hero that is very hot. He’s rough around the edges, and has one hell of a temper, but his moral compass is perfectly aligned and he has a soft heart behind those sharp claws. Just look at how he mentors the next generation of X-Men; Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and Armor have all looked up to him. He also has an impressive list of relationships to his credit. He’s one older man that you can’t help being attracted to; besides, who doesn’t want to date the best there is at what he does?


Gotta love a woman confident enough to rock that hair.

Gotta love a woman confident enough to rock that hair.

Storm is soft spoken, cool and collected all while housing terrifying power. She is a natural leader and a force to be reckoned with. Let’s not forget that she is also a goddess and a queen and she carries herself as such. Despite her claim to royalty, she rocks in leather and a mohawk; how many women can make that claim? Ororo Monroe is unapologetically true to herself, and that makes her one of the sexiest women in the Marvel U.


Admit it, you want to know what makes him "legendary"!

Admit it, you want to know what makes him “legendary”!

No, not Chris Pratt, although I do understand the appeal. Peter Quill is a scoundrel, he’s Marvel’s Han Solo, a sarcastic space pirate who charms his way through intergalactic obstacles and is a shameless womanizer. Where does his appeal come from? Maybe it’s his Spartax blood, or maybe it’s his rebellious streak and the way he rails against his father. A more likely answer is the compassion he shows the galaxy’s orphans, or his willingness to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. Either way, Quill’s appeal is indisputable.

Cloak and Dagger

Which one do you choose?

Which one do you choose?

While they are technically two characters, they count as one. They are vigilantes with troubled pasts, and their almost symbiotic relationship adds to their mystique. Who doesn’t love a man who is tall, dark and attentive? Who could resist a gorgeous and empathetic woman in a low cut white jump suit? Together they make a very sexy couple but apart, either one is extremely datable.


gambit with kittens

Gambit = good. Gambit + kittens = SQUEE!


No matter what version of Remy LeBeau comes to mind, it is synonymous with charm. His Cajun accent and smooth moves make him the ultimate player. Granted, he’s not a keeper, but there’s something about Gambit that makes you agree to drinks anyways. In fact in Peter David’s All-New X-Factor he even says, “My superpower? I’m irresistible to women.” He’s a thief with a strong moral compass, and his compassion and his kittens (yes, he has kittens) are enough to make anyone melt.

Gwen Stacy

gwen stacy

Don’t you wish you were Peter Parker right now?


She’s popular, coy, and unobtainable; it’s no wonder Peter Parker fell for Gwen as hard as he did. She’s the prettiest girl in school and has impeccable style, and the fact that she’s always surrounded by a group of guys makes her even more alluring. Read Spider-Man Blue and try not to fall for Gwen Stacy’s charms; that moment when she shows up and offers to read Huck Finn to Peter proves her girlfriend merit. Right in the feels.



After this story, everyone wanted to date Pete!


Piotr maybe a massive tank of a man, but he is also soft spoken, polite, and devoted to his family; he’s basically a big teddy bear. Don’t think he’s a pushover, his metallic form is both deadly and he has those abs of steel (sorry, I had to). And if you’ve read Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men, you know he has skills in the bedroom. Of course, there’s also something about a man with an accent that is inherently sexy.


It's tempting to reach for that hand...

It’s tempting to reach for that hand…

Rogue has big hair and a bigger personality. This southern belle is utterly charming and the fact that she is untouchable makes her even more appealing. Rogue has that streak of white hair, and she’s always covered to protect others from her powers, for some reason both of these things make her that much sexier. Pair that with her unbelievable strength and this heroine is one worth lusting over.


All banged up, but somehow you still want to curl up with him.

All banged up, but somehow you still want to curl up with him.

There’s something inherently charming about Clint Barton. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t have any special powers, but he still runs with the Avengers. Maybe it’s the fact that he was confident enough to wear that ridiculous costume as long as he did (you know which one I’m taking about). Or maybe it’s that his newest makeover at the hands of Matt Fraction has made him an accessible every man. He’s a guy just trying to live his life, but he can’t seem to avoid trouble, and there is something very sexy about that. Besides, who doesn’t have a thing for the underdog?



This is what beauty and power looks like.


The Lady Sif is a fighter, an Asgardian warrior whose beauty matches her skill on the battlefield. She’s sexy enough to catch Thor’s eye, and keep his attention even after Loki cut off her hair. She has a good head on her shoulders and holds her own in Asgard’s boy’s club. She’s the perfect girl to bring home to meet mom, just make sure she leaves her sword behind.


So what do you think?  Would you want to date any of these characters?  Did we leave someone off the list that you think should be included?  Let us know in the comments below!

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