Adam WarRock Presents the Parks & Recreation EP

Adam WarRock, the man who brought us the Browncoats MixTape, has just released a 3-song Parks and Recreation EP (available for free download here) about Leslie Knope and the fine folks of Pawnee.

Like Parks & Rec, this EP is absolutely wonderful! Click more to hear the songs; “Knope 2012”, “Entertainment 720” and “Waka Flocka Swanson” ENJOY!

Knope 2012

“I believe in Leslie Knope from the bottom of my heart”

Entertainment 720

Waka Flocka Swanson

It’s Ron F*cking Swanson

What’s your favourite song off this Parks & Rec EP? Which nerdy fandom would you love to see WarRock tackle next?

WarRock’s new album is coming out February 13. Stay tuned for more nerd jams!

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