Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow Wrap Up.

Has everyone had enough time to recover from San Diego Comic Con?  Did we get all our stuff from the hotel before we left?  Does anyone have Con Crud?  If you’re like many of the tens of thousands of people who didn’t go to San Diego, and watched it all unfold online, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.  Which means we get to chew into the good stuff.

If you’re like me, you’ve been a fan of the CW for some time.  You’ve loved the grit from Arrow, and were amazed at the four coloured heroics of The Flash.  This year at SDCC we got a look at what was coming at us for the next season.  Here’s a quick mash up of the different CW panels that happened in San Diego.

Let’s take a look.

The Arrow

There were some great reveals for Team Arrow, the biggest ones being the new costumes.New Arrow Costume  Oliver is finally going full DC and adopting the Green Arrow monicker.  We also know the name of the potential big bad this season.  For the comic aficionados out there, Damien Darhk was announced.  He will be played by Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers.)   Stephen Amell came out to model the new suit, and we also got a nice concept drawing of the costume Diggle is going to be wearing.  It’s no Green Lantern get up, but it’s nicediggle costume to see Diggle get some costume love.  The helmet looks slick, but it’s a concept art photo.  We still have to wait to see it in action.  We do have some things to look forward to; anything Damien Darhk is going to be cool.  Malcolm Merlyn is the new Ra’s, which will somehow involve the White Canary being used in the Lazerus Pit.  Has everyone got all their main plot points checked off?  Oh yeah, Oliver and Felicity are still in love, we have a clock counting down to see how long it takes for terrible things to happen to that.  It’s Star City now, and you can’t have happy couples in Star City.   One of the better hints that we got was that mysticism was going to be shown in the flash backs.  With John Constantine floating out there, just about anything is possible.

Season 4 of The Arrow will premiere on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015.

The Flash

There is so much glee with The Flash (pun not intended.)  There’s so much in this teaser for Season 2.  The first is the notice that Professor Zoom is coming.  The second is that wonderful blue streak flying around either a ruined Central City, or possibly Keystone City.  Jay Garrick, the original Flash, is going to play a role in the up coming season.  With how the season finale happened, there is a ton of potential.     Earth 2 looks to be on the horizon.  The producers also mentioned that Grodd will be back; as well as dancing around the mention of Killer Frost.  The second season looks like it has a lot of room to play with, especially if the shows borders are going to blur and cross over into each other.  Could we see some magical mysticism appear on The Flash?  Barry has been to Ra’s al Ghul’s homestead.

The Season 2 premier of The Flash will happen on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015.

Legends of Tomorrow

There wasn’t a lot of details that could be given out.  Both The Flash and Arrow will have the origins for Legends of Tomorrow built into their seasons.  There is not a release date yet for the show, but we know it will happen in the summer of 2016.  That date is subject to change.  We also know that it will be 15 episodes long, which means that we don’t have to commit to another show on the schedule, and we can have some free time with our families and loved ones, who will probably be watching with us.  Aside from the brief team dynamics, Vandal Savage will be a background presence in all the episodes, and there will be some involvement with Hawkman.

Overall it was a strong showing by the CW.  If you’re a fan of any of the shows, the next season, we hope, will be exciting to watch.  If all this wasn’t enough, the new Supergirl series is also produced by the CW, which means we could have even more cross overs.  CW, you’re doing it right with the television universe.

Is anyone else giddy for October?

My feels for the new CW season.

My feels for the new CW season.

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