Comic Shop Ladies Night brings every woman together

LN PP squareA flash of pink and purple hair whirls by as I walk in the door of the Page and Panel to Comic Shop Ladies Night, rendering me both surprised and excited as I step inside. I immediately find myself surrounded, but not overwhelmed. All around are women of every shape, size, age and variety (much like fruit, but far more sociable).

Comic Shop Ladies Night was this past Saturday, June 18th, marking over a year of the pop-up events that have been occurring across Toronto. The event was formerly held by the Comic Book Lounge until last year when it moved to different venues.

Over the past year Ladies’ Night has happened at the Silver Snail, The Sidekick and One Million Comix.  The most recent event took place at Page and Panel, the TCAF-powered comic shop connected to the Toronto Public Library.

Taking a look around, it’s easy to see why Page and Panel is such a perfect place for an event like this. Comic Shop Ladies’ Nights are made to celebrate women of every kind as creators and fans stand together in a safe and inclusive space. And Page and Panel does just that.

Everywhere you look there are comics and books for every kind of person. Across one wall are books for everyone from children to parents, and on the other wall small gifts as simple as Sailor Moon stationary, all the way to a row dedicated to Kate Beaton, of Hark! A Vagrant fame.

And there’s no chance that you’ll feel lonely at the event. By no means was I educated on anything at the event: I perused books like No Straight Lines and The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For with clueless eyes. But even I stood a chance to make friends. By the event, I, the anti-social hobo who spends most of her days locked in a basement watching Netflix and sewing, was adding people on Facebook.

It’s a testament to the power of events like these. By providing inclusive places for women of every kind to come together, a bigger community is built. Ladies Night is a success in knowing that it has brought at least one woman the courage to make friends with creators and fans from Toronto and beyond.

The only question left, is when is the next one?

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