The Five Supervillains you shouldn’t EVER Date

Girl, I know you be trippin after spending a long Valentines alone but remember sister! It’s better to be all by yo lonesome then Mr. Wrong, ya dig?

And boy are there some mister wrongs out there. Now I know you all love a good bad boy but honey, some boys are just bad… like spoiled milk bad. Now don’t get me wrong, spoiled milk smells like yogurt but it sure as heck don’t have S. Thermophilus to act as a live active yogurt culture to make the magic, ya dig?

So for all you ladies out there we’re going to list the type of bad boys you straight up should avoid. And when we mean bad boys we mean supervillains.

1.  The Joker
Girl… first of all, no… second of all HELL NO! Now I know we all think Harley Quinn is the cutest little patootie who ever walked this earth but girl seriously has it for the wrong man. Old Mr. Jay is the top of our nono list! He clearly doesn’t have his bae’s best interest at heart. He’s always gotta be the best in the relationship and it’s all about other people. Do you really want a man that keeps pining after other men? Who wear black leather? Please girl! You don’t need to waste your time with a man who spends all his days planning play dates for his little friend in the gimp outfit.


That’s right, he wears that business to “fight crime”. Sure tell me another one!

You can do better!

2. Magneto


Don’t get me wrong ladies, I love a man with ambition; owns his own island, big into equal rights movements, that’s all good but I have never met a man who was so good at leaving so many women with so many little bundles of joy and DOESN’T EVEN PAY ALIMONY!

magneto kids

Magneto’s kids… THAT WE KNOW OF!


Girls you can do better. I know that silver haired fox thing isn’t a myth but really do you really want to date a man who’s just going to leave you with a bundle of responsibilities at the end just for a night of fun?

Nooope! Move on!

3. Lex Luthor
Don’t get me wrong, a self-starter and a genius is a nice bundle. Plus bald men try harder; you know what I’m saying?

But girl the world is not enough for Lex Luthor and believe me I know your inner goddess is shining today but what makes you think you would be? This is another man that obsesses waaay to much about a man in spandex. Only our man has way too much… well it’s a type of envy and we’ll say it starts with a “P” you dig?

4. Kefka


Honey… honey…. Listen to me. Just no… okay? All of that business you see right there? Just no! He’s a cosplayer. Move on!

5. Syndrome
Oh Syndrome sweetie, I want to say you’re top shelf material, I really do. You’re smart, energetic, hard working and you have bank baby, you really do. But baby, that hair? Who told you that hair looked good? They lied Syndrome. They lied hard!

syndrome hair

They lied badly.


That`s our list girls. Don`t despair though, there`s gotta be a nice, high functioning sociopath out there for you. One that`ll treat you just right and give you what you deserve.

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