GEEKPR0N Does the Fringe Festival


The Fringe Festival? Is that a new hairdo? We kid, guys, but continue for a fresh and cutting announcement! (Ha, get it?) (Please don’t hate us.)

With summertime underway, you can bet that we’ve been working as hard as we’ve been playing. With the overlords working on up and coming new features, we’ll be jumping back into on-the-ground events coverage. Gotta work hard like us? Or just staying in to binge Overwatch? No worries, we’re here for you to live vicariously.

Alongside our usual coverage for summer events, for the very first time GEEKPR0N will be heading to Toronto’s Fringe Festival!

For the uninitiated (we won’t judge), the Fringe Festival is an annual hullabaloo where you can find theatre geeks taking over the city. With nearly 150 brand new, original productions to see each year, the Fringe has been home to a number of pieces that have gone on to shape Toronto’s cultural scene at large. Rocking the city since 1989, each year of the Fringe boasts a community bursting at the seams with artistic talent. Not to mention the beer tents. We are, after all, Canadians as much as we are nerds. So: we know how to summer.

So, what, exactly, are we going to do? Through out the course of the festival, we’ll be keeping you updated with reviews. In addition, we’ll documenting the fun on our social media channels. We don’t want you to miss out!

What’s all this for? We believe in continuing to give our fans unique content. We want to keep bringing the awesome, so we like to go new places and embrace all different kinds of geeks. We would love to tell you our media presence was because of divine intervention. But really, our staff just said, “Hey, let’s try this.”

Is it going to be awesome? Well, we hope so. Sexy? Always.


But why, really? The simple answer is that it means we can reach out to more companies, and continue providing our fans a totally unique perspective. As famously said on Sherlock, smart is the new sexy.

You can say it with us now: aaawwww, they’re growing up!

The Toronto Fringe Festival will be held from June 29 to July 10 at various stages across the city. Watch us here as the fun unravels!



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