GEEKPR0N Goes to New York Comic Con

Oh yeah, did we mention that we’re going to New York Comic Con? #humblebrag.

Although we’re busy here at the GEEKPR0N HQ, we still have some awesome things planned for you, dear readers. Chief among those is exclusive and on-the-ground coverage at NYCC, the nerd’s mecca! (Or mecha. Do you see what we did there?)

Attending NYCC as members of the press is a new thing for our website, and it represents a huge development both for us personally, and what we have to offer our readers. We like to think that we’ve stayed on track with our mission to bring you guys awesomeness. Although, our outreach typically promotes local events and talent. What can we say, we have pride in Toronto (or “The Six”, if you must). But we don’t want our friends in the U-S of A to think we’ve forgotten about you, now do we? We’d like to reach out to the community over the border, as well as offer something new for our local fans here in The North.

We want to help make sure our fans don’t miss the stellar announcements and news that come out of cons, especially the big ones like New York! We’re proud to say that we’ll be on the floor all days of the con, giving you all the good news. Be sure to stay tuned for some of the highlights like:

Comics Industry Stars & Breaking News


Feel like popping some champagne for Black Panther’s 50th anniversary? How about Wonder Woman’s 75th? Whether Marvel, DC or both is your preferred flavor, there’s going to be a plethora of announcements and recognition for the heroes (both real and the creators!) that make the industry great.

Debut Screenings


Voltron? Archer? RWBY? How about all of the above? The weekend will have a great number of previews for your favourite shows and animated series. Be sure to watch the site for reviews and news about first looks!

Championships of Cosplay


Been waiting for a cosplay contest with a little more oomph? Want to ooh and aah at amazing cosplayers but save the drama for the stage? Your prayers have been answered! Dozens of incredible costume-makers will take the stage to take their shot at winning big for this special east-coast competition.


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