Geeks Doing Good: Warming Toronto

In a world full of bad news, it is a pleasure to sit down with someone like fellow Geekpr0n writer Sunny. I recently had the privilege to speak to her about her upcoming event Warming Toronto: Helping The Homeless for which she has enlisted Toronto’s nerds, geeks, and crafters to help with her cause. If like me, you are tired of the negativity that surrounds the media and you need a reason to smile, read on and let Sunny inspire you!

We met at a coffee shop where Sunny turned up in her signature braids. For anyone who has ever met her, she is immediately recognizable by her two braids and smile. After hugs, and acquiring coffee, of course, I asked her how this event had come about. Sunny mentioned that she had noticed her social media feeds fill with conversations about refugees, and while their plight touched her, she realized that there were people in need closer to home. So she thought, “let’s do something for the homeless. I can knit, my friends can knit, we should knit to keep them warm.” She expanded by saying that the most popular time of year for charity is November to December leading into the holidays, but January and February are Toronto’s coldest months.

Having decided to organize a charitable event, Sunny reached out to Street Knit , an organization that operates year-round to help keep the homeless warm. They were happy to participate in the event and ensure that the knit goods made it to the right place. Sunny was able to reach the organization through a friend who she discovered works with them. Donna Lyons is a member of the Doctor Who society and an avid knitter, she is helping Sunny sort out the logistics of the event and coordinating with Street Knit with whom she works year-round.


If you can’t make it to the event, donations of yarn will be greatly appreciated.

When asked about the response to her call to action, Sunny told me it has been “fabulous!” Apart from those eager to attend, she has received many yarn donations, she has two friends donating their time to help teach knitting noobs the ways of the needle, a friend has donated time and designed a website for the event and the Imperial Pub has donated their upstairs level to host the event. Even the logo was donated by Sunny’s friend and artist Angela Porretta to help support the cause.

Sunny says she has reached out all over Toronto’s geek community and is hoping to see Daleks working alongside Red Shirts, working alongside Browncoats. Each participant at the event will be invited to knit a couple of rows of a giant communal scarf, a symbol of Toronto uniting for a good cause. Not only is this an opportunity to help those in need, Sunny points out that it is also an opportunity to spend some time together, and that’s just what she’s hoping to see; several fandoms unified for the greater good. The event will take place on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 on the second floor of the Imperial Pub at 54 Dundas St E in Toronto beginning at noon. Participants of all skill levels are encouraged to bring one already completed item for donation as well as an item to work on during the event. For more information, see the Facebook event and get ready to cast on for a good cause!

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