Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter round 3: FIGHT!

You’ve probably seen these videos flying around the internet. Flash mobs to Utah Saints “Mortal Kombat” which we all remember from the motion picture based on the videogame.

I will continue to preserve my 12 year old opinion of Mortal Kombat the movie as being super awesome and refuse to ever watch it again. 3 times in the theater is enough.

The soundtrack was and still is something to be noted.  George Clinton, KMFDM, Type O Negative, Orbital it’s incredible! In case you didn’t know, I was a little “gothy” growing up.

Videos after the jump.

They’re a little long but, what I love the most about these flash mobs is the confused looks on peoples faces and the stripper bus they rented to cart them around.

As big as Mortal Kombat is to the gamers and nerds alike I think we forget that the “others” might not be so familiar. After all, it’s not like it’s Star Wars or Star Trek. However, those who do get the reference really seem to enjoy the experience of being air humped in the face by Scorpion. I know I would.


SOURCE: Dorkly via Riot

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