The Must Play Xbox One Games at Fan Expo 2016

Just as Microsoft keeps standing strong as one of the biggest names in gaming, it also consistently holds a massive presence at Fan Expo Canada. The Xbox console ecosystem is about to undergo a huge change, what with the Xbox One S in stores now and the supremely powerful Scorpio system on the way, but just because the future is bright doesn’t mean the present is dim. Here are four Xbox One console exclusives we went hands-on with that you too can play all weekend.



ReCore, the latest project touched by MegaMan creator Keiji Inafune attempts to adapt his signature run and gun gameplay to a modern shooting landscape. The game is a fast paced, third person exploration-heavy shooter that blends elements of 3D platforming. In the demo, players explore the technological ruins of a mysterious world inhabited by deadly advanced robots. Joule, the game’s recently awakened protagonist, is armed with a weapon with four different coloured types of ammunition, each of which cleverly deals double damage to enemy robots that emit those corresponding colours.

The gameplay is fluid and quick, offering satisfying gunplay and combo stringing thanks to a lock on system where Joule can switch targets with the flick of a thumb stick. The game is certainly not done yet, however; the press member playing the game before me had his session cut short when the game crashed halfway through. Those hoping to find the finesse of Mega Man will not find it here, instead receiving the “shoot everything you see” treatment. ReCore is still fun, and it’s world is fascinating, but make no mistake: this new Inafune title is more Mighty No. 9 than Mega Man.

Lineup? Short!
Worth it?
Don’t miss out if you like third person shooters!

Forza Horizon 3:


Call it an understatement, but the newest Forza is about as pretty as a racing game can be. For a (somewhat) realistic driving game, Forza Horizon 3 plays like a dream, too. Turning, drifting, and accelerating all feel great, and the Forza series’ signature “press Y to rewind” feature is still as satisfying as it’s ever been.

The demo puts players behind the wheel in three separate race types. The first, a standard race with the latest and greatest sports cars, shows off the graphical fidelity of the game. The second involves a Hummer-esque vehicle driving through a muddy waterfront, showing the diversity of car and track types. The third mode, “Off the Chain,” is as spastic and silly as its name would imply: players drive on the ground while racing a car dangling from a helicopter, occasionally meeting eye to eye when their own car gets huge air from jumps.

As with its predecessors, Forza Horizon 3 brings the attention to detail of driving sims like Gran Turismo while offering arcade-y, easy to handle driving. Plus, the Xbox One racing wheel and seat made it to the show floor, so those hoping to be fully immersed will enter a new world behind the wheel.

Lineup? Short for controller setup, long for racing wheel & chair.
Worth it? Absolutely, if only to see how pretty new Xbox One games are becoming.

We Happy Few:


Make no mistake, We Happy Few is precisely as creepy in your hands as it looks in the trailers you’ve seen. The fictional 1960s setting of Wellington Wells just may be the most morbidly fascinating and messed up world in gaming since Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. The gameplay, at least from the sequence presented at the Fan Expo 2016 demo, resembles the standard controls of similar first person horror games like PT or Soma. Like in those games, the relative lack of player abilities adds to the sense of vulnerability that the games eerie music and characters already establish.

In order to forget some horrific incident the citizens of Wellington Wells committed, everyone in town takes a hallucinogenic drug called “Joy” to forget the truth. Players won’t be able to unravel the fully mystery of We Happy Few in this fifteen minute show floor demo, but you’ll have enough time to learn just how messed up this town and its inhabitants are.

Lineup? Not very long, but each demo takes about 15 minutes.
Worth it? This game is the most bizarre game on display, and for that it deserves your attention.

Gears of War 4:


The action packed cover based shooter that is Gears of War 4 is truly emblematic of Xbox’s vision as a gaming company: maturity; challenge and satisfaction; pushing the technical bar to its limits. Achieving all of these things, it’s no wonder Gears feels like a perfect fit for so many Xbox gamers.

And the game deserves credit for not messing with a good thing. The series’ renowned cover based gameplay garnered a huge audience all the way back in 2006 for a reason, and this game’s developers The Coalition knew not to fix what ain’t broken. Instead, the Gears 4 team chose only to enhance the series staple action with stunning graphics, impressive weather effects, and breathtaking  set pieces. The last sequence of the demo especially, where an energy storm stands in the way of JD’s team reaching their objective, is a stunning moment to behold and play. Gears 4 represents the best of Xbox One and its Fan Expo demo is eager to prove that to you.

Lineup? Fairly short.
Worth it? Yes, this is Microsoft’s major holiday title for a reason!

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