The Nerds Podcast: Stranger Things

Who doesn’t love a good touch of nostalgia? If you have loved Thundercats, COPS, or Dungeons & Dragons, then Stranger Things was probably getting you in all the right spots?  What was it about these kids that caught our attention?  For a lot of us, it was the trip back The Goonies, or Nightmare on Elm Street, or just seeing a rotary phone again.

There is something about Stranger Things that entrances us.  It’s something beyond the nostalgia; it’s the actual presentation of the story.  The Duffer Brothers have created something in a vacuum tube television, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.  Stranger Things is also a show that crosses multiple age gaps; yet it also weaves a story that incorporates numerous genres throughout its story.

It is a combination of amazing acting skills and outstanding storytelling.  There are many good attempts at this type of production, but find the success the Duffer Brothers did.

Fake wig? Check. Psychic powers that cause nose bleed? Check. One bad ass girl who doesn't take shit from anyone? Double check.

Fake wig? Check. Psychic powers that cause nose bleed? Check. One bad ass girl who doesn’t take shit from anyone? Double check.

Join our conversation as we dissect and analyze what made this show so fantastic.  Netflix has already ordered a second season, and we’re going to get a full dose of what 1985 has to throw at us.  Will be ready for any of it?

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