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D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 4

Cursed Sailings The group has removed Hazirawn from Hakh’s hands, and they have left Diderius to watch over the scrying pool.  It has been a rough go for the Head Smashers, as they are still coping with the chaos that the sword has brought onto them. With their prisoner in tow, they regroup with the […]

D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 3

When swords become frenemies. After having plunged into the depths of Diderius’ Tomb, things took a turn sideways for the adventurers.  After having fought a tile chimera and falling victim to numerous traps, they finally capture Varram the White.  It, however, was not without consequence. Paela decides she wants to open the sarcophagus, and see […]

D&D Podcast Season II: The Rise of Tiamat Part 2

Dungeoneering Basics 102 The heroes must recover their strength from the latest assault from the Cult of the Dragon.  Vondal was killed in the night time ambush, and they must find their footing before they venture into the jungle. They must now traverse the dangers of The Serpent Hills and search for the Tomb of […]