D&D Podcast Season II: The Rise of Tiamat Part 2

Dungeoneering Basics 102

The heroes must recover their strength from the latest assault from the Cult of the Dragon.  Vondal was killed in the night time ambush, and they must find their footing before they venture into the jungle.

They must now traverse the dangers of The Serpent Hills and search for the Tomb of Diderius. An old wizard, long since passed, who was a master of illusions and divination.  Varram the White seems just out of reach, and the group is banged up.

What will they find in the tomb?  What traps does Varram the White have in store for Tarek and the Headsmashers?  Join us for the ride that is episode 2 of the D&D Podcast: Rise of Tiamat.


Huzzah for D&D and all its awesomeness.

Have you been following along?  Has anyone in your D&D party died?  What did you to bring them back, or what new character did you re-roll? Let us know in the comments below.

This weekend is PAX East, and that means more Acquisitions Incorporated.  Chris Perkins will be DM’ing the latest D&D installment on Sunday at 1pm EST.  You can watch it live streamed on Twitch.tv, or just follow the PAX Twitch channel.  I’ll be live tweeting the game, so come follow @FotoGuy79 and use the hashtag #AcqInc to join in the fun.  I can’t wait to see you all there.

Music provided by Kevin Macleod and Incompetech.

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