We Went to Canada’s ‘Pokemon Go’ Release Party

And we lived to tell the Taillow!

After two brutal weeks of waiting, Pokemon Go has officially arrived in Canada. And while many crafty Canucks already found workarounds to download the app early,  it seemed appropriate to celebrate the occasion anyways – and what better way than with a massive party outside of the CN Tower?

Over Facebook, Legacy Gamers put out an open invitation that reached nearly 20,000 fans of the franchise. “It’s time for us to unite and begin our Pokemon adventure!” they wrote, promising a night of endless lures – in game charms that attract Pokemon to certain areas – to keep budding trainers on their toes until midnight.

pokemon go canada 6

At least 150, or more to see!

When GEEKPR0N arrived on the scene around 11 PM, the area was filled with what had to be around 200 Pokemaniacs. This number was far larger earlier on according to trainers we spoke with, but the energy and sense of community lasted well into the night.

Event organizers were patrolling the area with portable battery chargers for use. Others had badges representing Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct, the three competing teams players must swear allegiance to in game, for sale on site. Even Team Instinct (the Hufflepuffs of Pokemon Go) were sporting yellow clothing and taking group photos together.

team badges

Although eager trainers found ways into the game early, tonight marked some players’ first night with the app. Matthew, a Team Mystic newcomer, was one fan who started his game during the launch party.  “I wish I could have went through this when everyone else did, but it’s still great,” he tells GEEKPR0N. “And I wish that I could find this Eevee… if I could find an Eevee in my first hour I would die.”

After midnight, the launch party moved off the streets into Good Game Bar, where more lures were dropped and Pokemon Go live streams were played on the TVs. If the social side effects of Nintendo and Niantic’s app weren’t clear already, the crowds gathered for Pokemon Go’s Canadian Launch show that the community around this record breaking game is stronger than a Mega Rayquaza.




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