Red Knight – Read it!

It may seem odd that your spaceship flying electronic music maven would be pushing a fantasy novel, but this one (and the video that goes with it) is just way too good not to give a shout out!

I’ll admit it g33k brothers and sisters, fantasy is not my usual thing, but local Toronto author Miles Cameron’s new series is just so interesting that I had to write about it. For one, Cameron uses experimental archaeology extensively, grounding the story in authenticity which might seem a bit odd, but ultimately cool for a fantasy novel. Cameron also goes beyond just material culture of weapons and armour, delving into the psychology of leadership, politics, religion and cultural divergences, much of it sourced from his own experiences in the military.

Finally another pro-tip I learned from his Traitor Son inaugral book launch at Bakka Phoenix Books in January was that unlike many fantasy novels that model ancient Britain or Europe for inspiration, this book’s geographic muse was the wilds of Canada and Upper New York State. Pretty darn cool! Read the book after you’ve had a fun little taste of Miles Cameron’s approach in this video:

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