Ryan Reynolds Went as Deadpool for Halloween and It’s the Best Ever

Ryan Reynolds continues to prove he is my favorite Canadian in all of existence.

In the video above, Ryan Reynolds roams the streets on Halloween night dressed up as Deadpool. While some may think it’s cheating, considering he’s playing the character in an upcoming superhero movie of the same name, you could tell he’s really into his character.

Whatever Marvel’s doing with their casting — they’re doing it right. Like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man you can find yourself forgetting if it’s Ryan Reynolds talking or Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

Deadpool’s attempts at recruiting these superkids are hilarious — with questions like, “How many of you have taken a human life?”. And these kids were as equally snarky with one of them asking if he was Green Lantern. You guys know that’s a sore subject for Reynolds.

What did you guys think of the video? Will you watch Deadpool on February 2016?


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