The second Batman v. Superman trailer is here!

Set your faces to stun, everybody – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has officially released it’s second full trailer!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

So there’s a lot going on in this trailer, with a lot of new revelations coming our way.  First and foremost – Superman speaks!  For the first time since the marketing blitz started, we’re seeing a trailer that’s more geared to Superman’s side of the story.  Right from the start of the trailer, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne get catty with each other, ragging on the other’s alter egos in that super passive aggressive way that superheroes tend to do.  The short version?  They don’t like each other, mostly because reasons.  We also get another dose of Lex Luthor, chumming it up with everyone but secretly scheming on his own.  The trailer is otherwise padded with a lot of fluffy action scenes, as one might expect of a Zack Snyder excursion, and a few cameos from Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.

Oh, and also this…

lol wut

lol wut

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you: that is indeed a palette-swapped version of the white orc from The Hobbit Doomsday.  Judging by the lead-up in the trailer, it’s heavily implied that Luthor is behind the creation of Doomsday, and might be using the cadaver of General Zod as a foundation for his creation.

uncanny resemblance, isn't it?

uncanny resemblance, isn’t it?

The giant aberration on the comic lore aside, the big question is do we really need Doomsday in Dawn of Justice?  I think we all understood that the third act of Batman v. Superman would play out like every other time the heroes have clashed, with them realizing they’re on the same side, focusing their powers on a bigger threat, and go off skipping hand-in-hand into the sunset.  But using Doomsday as that throwaway villain is problematic for a few reasons.  As just about anyone who’s picked up a comic before knows, Doomsday is the cosmic being that “killed” Superman, in one of the most iconic story arcs of the 1990s.  Given that the movie is titled Batman versus Superman, it stands to reason that a large amount of the film will be centred on the buildup and consequential feud between Supes and Bats.  Doomsday will likely make an unscheduled appearance towards the end, and be unceremoniously disposed of by the duo (with a bit of help from Wonder Woman, who just happened to be in the neighbourhood).

Haven’t we seen this happened one time too many?  Venom in Spider-Man 3, Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four, or even Bane in Batman & Robin (though I grant you, the very least of that film’s problems), is it necessary to plug in iconic-yet-lesser-known villains just to feed them to whatever conflict suits them?  After all, I’m sure there were plenty of other disposable antagonists they could have shoehorned into a satisfying finale (like Mark Zuckerberg-esque Eisenberg in Lex’s Warsuit maybe?).

would this have been a better option?

would this have been a better option?

As I said from the first preview of the movie, it’s no doubt that the action will deliver in spades, but with its most recent showing, I’m still concerned about whether this will really feel like the dream match-up we’ve been waiting to see on-screen.  One way or another, on March 25th, 2016, we’ll known for sure when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres.

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