Spaceteam is a Game You Must Play Before the iPhone Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever missed the breathing, real-life existence of your friends, so you invited them to get together and everyone stared at their mobile devices?

I have a solution: yell “Spaceteam, assemble!” When your friends look at you like a Hydra head has sprouted out of your neck, just tell them to download the app.

It is best played in a bar or any public venue where the stakes for embarrassment are optimal. Go boldly where no geek has gone before or go home, basically.

To not spoiler-ruin your n00b afterglow, I will only drop a few hints. You will shout vague things at each other. Your controls and commands will change. You will know the good, serviceable fit of a red shirt.

Download this shout-and-click game now. Or before the EMPs hit and wipe all smartphone technology.

Spaceteam for iPhone and iPad
Requires iOS 5.0 or later

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