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It’s no secret that super hero TV shows are kind of a big deal right now. DC and Marvel have packed the nightly TV line-ups with Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, The Flash, Constantine and Gotham, but in this pantheon of super hero shows what’s sorely missing is the comedy, a void that new series Super Legal is eager to fill, but they need the help of the nerd community to do it.

A parody of traditional legal dramas, Super Legal is a comedy series that explores the real world consequences of living in a world of super heroes. The show is being developed as an entry in CBC’s ComedyCoup, a 10 week competition to create and develop a TV show concept with the top project receiving $500K to make a half-hour comedy special for CBC.

Super Legal is being developed by Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum, the two comedians behind the massively successful web comic Texts from Superheroes, which they say makes them the perfect people to create this show.

“With Texts from Superheroes we’ve been doing observational superhero comedy for well over two years and we thought it was time to take that idea to a new medium,” McCallum said. “Super Legal is an idea that appealed to us because we love to pick apart the logic of superheroes and discuss what the consequences would be if superheroes really existed. A show set in a law firm seemed like the best way to explore that on TV.”

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The story of Super Legal will revolve around supervillain Devin Struct, also known as Destructo, a lawyer whose attempts to destroy the heroes of his city ends in him getting his ass kicked and then being forced to represent those same heroes in a court of law. The court cases on the show will vary each episode and include cases like child endangerment of underage sidekicks, embezzlement charges against heroes who use company money to fund their crime-fighting and mass destruction of property charges against anyone who levels a city *cough* man of steel *cough*. According to Ivimey the episodes will come straight from observations the writing duo have made watching other superhero media.

“You find yourself making comments like “Whose car is that you just threw at Doomsday? Does insurance cover that?” I know I’m not the only one thinking those silly things, so the idea needed to be explored.”

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The team was hoping for someone who “looked like an Alex Ross painting” to play Captain Eagle. They were not disappointed when they cast Wil McLean.

Ivimey and McCallum aren’t working alone though, their third team member is director/editor Doug Groves, who is as excited about Super Legal as he is working with the writing team.

“We’ve been friends for a few years now, and given their propensity for writing, and my background in production and post, Super Legal seemed like the perfect project. So far, it’s exceeded my expectations.”

The ComedyCoup competition is currently in its third week, with the winning project to be decided by a mix of judges’ voting and social media response. Super Legal has made it into the Top 110 of the competition and now needs the help of fans and nerds across the world to accelerate further.

To support Super Legal you can check out the hilarious show trailer at their ComedyCoup page and then register as fans to rate and follow the project, which will help Super Legal make it into the Top 50 of the competition. If you’re wondering why you should bother to register and vote, well, the answer is simple.

“This is the opportunity for fans to push something super nerdy and super funny, on television,” said Ivimey. “No Kickstarter, none of your money spent, just watching and voting online to tell the CBC how to spend their money.”

You don’t get a chance like that everyday so check out Super Legal now and help this hilarious show get made with the click of a button.

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