Our Top Super Bowl Movie Trailers!

Ah yes, it’s the day after the Super Bowl and we all know what that means.

Yep! It’s new trailer day on Youtube.

Now we sifted through the mass and we do mean mass of trailers to give your our favorites. They may not be for movies we are looking forward to but we liked them and really, what’s the point of complaining about the bad commercials anyway since you don’t see them because of Adblock and you probably gave up network television years ago?

Anyway, on to the ads!

The Jungle Book: Official Big Game Trailer

Disney’s live action re-imaginings of their old animated films haven’t always… well okay… haven’t done well period. Still this actually looks promising and if you’ve got a trailer that can make you forget Maleficent then it’s doing something right.

X-Men Apocalypse: Super Bowl Commercial

It’s about time we started seeing the clips of the effects budget at work for this film. It actually shows some clear and well laid out city destruction and it makes the film look much more promising then a lot of early stills conveyed.

Captain America Civil War: Big Game Spot

Ah, nothing like a good old chant to get us in the mood for a well built throw down. This movie’s already sold itself well. Now it’s just a matter of seeing what happens… and where Spidey shows up.

Batman Vs. Superman: Fly Gotham/Metropolis

Say what you will about the ad campaign for Batman Vs. Superman (and many have) but this one was actually clever. Inspired by the old “Come to Florida” ads Turkish Airlines came up with two solid ads that really promote the film well. And heck, it doesn’t even look dark and depressing.

Deadpool Teaser # God knows how many he’s got now!

I am convinced the Ryan Reynolds has put his film career on hold just to do promo for this movie if the raw volume of teasers and social media posts are any indication. But you know what? They’re all awesome! I hope every freaking one gets on the Blu-Ray for this sucker!


And of course, the honorable mention:

Ninja Turtles 2: Only included because Krang makes an appearance.


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