Valentine’s Day Cosplay: The Last of Us

You don’t need a special someone in your life in order to have your heart broken by The Last of Us. So with that in mind, what better way to express love and romance than by causing a bloodbath with your partner in crime?

In order to commemorate the annual holiday of love and partnership, staffers Alex and Jen braved the infamous Canadian winter to kick some post-apocalyptic ass in a cosplay tribute to the video game hit, The Last of Us. In order to look and feel like real hardened survivors, these crazy kids actually waited until below-freezing weather with a thick, shimmering blanket of snow to work with their photographer, the daring (and much, much warmer) Burditt Photography. Very little acting was required to get the harsh grimaces they had on their faces!

Joel and Tess, the smuggling and cold-blood-killing duo, are far from a conventional couple. But what they lack in romance they make up for in teamwork that makes your average Good Cop/Bad Cop team look like Boy Scouts. (But hey, it’s STILL a better love story than Twilight.) Check out the gallery below to see the special V-day photos!


Photography: Burditt Photography

Joel: Alex

Tess: Jen

Bad Guy: Nick Burditt


Flower: Eirian Stock

Grunge texture: StruckDumb

Cracked glass texture: EverythingIsInStock

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