Victor Lucas’ Electric Playground Leaves Rogers Media, Moves Beyond in 2016

The Electric Playground Network, one of the longest running video game and entertainment programs is set to conclude its partnership with Rogers Media on December 31st, 2015.

After 18 years airing content on City TV and G4 Canada, the network behind shows like EP Daily and Reviews on The Run is now at work to find new partners and outlets to distribute their content.

The news comes way of a blog entry on by Victor Lucas, creator and executive producer of the EP Network who writes, “I am at work behind the scenes on a new home and partners for us in 2016 and beyond.”

On a November 27th 2015 episode of EP’s podcast, “Vic’s Basement,” Lucas elaborates on the sudden change. “Were going in different directions,” he explains, referring to the relationship with longtime partner Rogers. “We’ve been partners with them for a very long time, but they are investing heavily in other things like hockey, and they’ve got a big partnership with VICE you might have heard about.”

The question of where the EP Network will end up is still in the air, though Lucas is careful to point out this is not the end for the landmark program. “I’m working on [finding a new home] and it does take time to do this kind of stuff, especially while we’re in production delivering the shows – and we deliver a lot of shows in case you didn’t know.”

Lucas is a pioneer in the realm of onscreen video game personalities, producing coast to coast video game and pop culture content in the US and Canada long before the rise of popular YouTube shows, Let’s Plays, and celebrities. I still remember channel surfing one fateful Saturday morning when I was a child and being awestruck that a couple of guys were actually on my TV screen talking critically about my favourite thing in the world: video games.


The Electric Playground Network, while primarily catering to TV audiences, also distributes the bulk of their content online via their YouTube channel, where you can find full episodes and excerpts of shows like EP Daily and Reviews on the Run. Lucas and co. are asking fans to show their support by subscribing to their online content in the interim until they can unveil plans for the show’s future. “We’re asking you go to our Youtube channel, comment on the content, be engaged with other viewers, and most importantly subscribe so we can show people we do have fans and they do care about the show.”

If you are or have ever been a fan of the Electric Playground or Reviews on the Run, please send your love and support to Vic, Marissa, Scott, and the crew by subscribing to them on YouTube and other social media platforms like Twitter and Twitch. Here’s to another 18 years, gang! 

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