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Vinyl set based on Batman: The Animated Series announced

Calling all Batman fans and audiophiles!

Mondo Tees has announced that they’re taking pre-orders on a vinyl set featuring the score and artwork of Batman: The Animated Series, renown by and large as both one of the best versions of Batman in existence, and one of the greatest cartoons to come out of the 1990s.

If you’re not familiar with Mondo, you’ve probably seen some of their designs in and around geek-friendly Internet spaces. They’re known for producing limited editions of highly sought after artwork based on fan favourite franchises, with some their previous collections including work based off of The Last Of Us, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mad Max, Godzilla and The Avengers. The artwork featured on the Batman album covers are based on a series of posters previously produced for Mondo by Toronto-based studio Phantom City Creative, which are no longer available through the site.

IGN broke the news earlier, featuring a preview of what each album cover will look like, representing specific episodes from the show. Anyone who spent a lot of time with the series will remember the haunting scores that were inspired by Danny Elfman’s opening overture. If that weren’t enough, the package also comes with a set of 4×6 cards featuring mugshots of some of Batman’s most iconic villains. Whether or not the idea of reminiscing with the show’s music appeals to you, the selection of artwork included in this set alone would appeal to any collector.

As mentioned above, Mondo’s exclusives are hand numbered and of very limited quality. Pre-orders for the set will begin in November, whereas the actual release date will be announced via the company’s Twitter feed.

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