Watch a Sneak Peek for Part-2 of the Castle Cliffhanger ‘Linchpin’

Hey Castle Fans! I’m sure you’ve been at the edge of your seat since last week’s cliffhanger! In true Castle form, this two-parter left off with Castle & Beckett in close quarters and mortal danger.

Last week “Pandora” introduced Sophia Conrad (Jennifer Beals), a tough as nails CIA agent and Castle’s first muse. (He certainly does seem to have a type.) Beckett feels threatened, not only because she doesn’t respond well to higher authority, but she’s also a little wounded discovering that she’s not Castle’s only muse, diminishing her “special” status.  Of course as Castle attempts to quell Beckett’s uneasiness about meeting a woman from his past, the two dive headfirst into a case that is out of their depth. As usual, Castle’s never-ending curiosity and Beckett’s drive get the duo into big trouble.

For a full and insightful analysis of “Pandora” I highly recommend Jo’s review at The Viewing Party.

Part-two, “Linchpin”, will resolve how Castle and Beckett survive a drive off a pier, as well as the mystery of Pandora and hopefully a little romantic tension. Maybe we’ll even follow up on Alexis’ foray into medical examiner territory where she’s been shadowing Lanie.

Watch the resolution to Castle‘s deadly cliffhanger in “Linchpin” Monday at 10pm on ABC/CTV

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