Who’s checking into American Horror Story: Hotel?

We’ve got some news for American Horror Story fans! The show’s fifth season, American Horror Story: Hotel, will debut in October 2015 on FX and according to IBTimes, we’ve got our cast of characters for Ryan Murphy’s hit show.

Courtesy of IBTimes, checking into the hotel is:

Evan Peters | The Prowler

An original American Horror Story cast member since the first season, Peters will play a mysterious young man that hangs around the hotel and dark alley ways.

Sara Paulson | Janis Joplin

Like Peters, Paulson has appeared in every season of American Horror Story. In Hotel, she portrays legendary rockstar Janis Joplin, who checks into the hotel, unaware of the terrifying events that await her.

Kathy Bates | Claudia DeVeau

Bates returns after appearing in Coven and Freakshow and this time she plays Joplin’s devoted agent who will do absolutely anything in her power to keep the rockstar’s name untainted.

Finn Wittrock | Chap Newton

Last season’s breakout star returns in a hopefully much more timid role. Newton is described as a happily engaged man who, out of some bad luck, decides to spend a night at the hotel.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Martina McBride

The actress makes her debut American Horror Story  appearance this season as the hotel’s previous owner.

Lily Rabe | Annabelle Evergreen

Rabe, who appeared in prominent roles for Murder House, Asylum, Coven and a cameo appearance in Freakshow, returns as the current owner of the hotel who is slowly losing her sanity, thanks to the supernatural events that occur there.

Alexander Skarsgard | Joshua Evergreen

Skarsgard makes his debut this season as Annabelle’s supportive and loving husband.

Angela Bassett | Lolita Jones

Bassett joins the cast for a third season as the hotel jazz singer.

Denis O’Hare | Leo Maxwell

The Murder House, Coven and Freakshow alum joins the cast as the hotel’s bartender and Lolita’s close friend.

Lady Gaga | Elisa Starr

Gaga joins the cast as a popular lounge singer who is competing against Lolita.

Matt Bomer | Terry Castro

Bomer joins the cast for his second season as a tedious bellboy who is always on the look out for trouble and keeps an eye out for everyone.

Tammy Blanchard | Theresa Faulkner

Blanchard makes her American Horror Story debut as the strict and bitter head maid of the hotel who secretly has a habit of peeping in on the guests.

Frances Conroy | Maude Madelyn

Conroy returns for a fifth straight season as an imitator of Marilyn Monroe. She has an affinity for younger men and murder.

Cheyanne Jackson | Thimas Seabras

Jackson makes his debut in American Horror Story as the bellboy of the hotel who loves to gossip and is seen engaging in strange and suspicious behavior.

Grace Gummer | Emma Lam

Gummer makes her third appearance in American Horror Story, this time, as a maid at the hotel who is seen engaging in strange activities.

Wes Bentley | Father Dominic Deon

Bentley returns for his second season as a happy-go-lucky leader of a group who is as curious as they are religious.

Donald Sutherland | Father Abner Gates

Sutherland makes his debut as a priest who tries to cleanse the hotel of its impurities and bad spirits.

Steven Weber | Ray Ottoman

Weber makes his debut in American Horror Story as a hotel inspector who is despised by the hotel staff.

Chloe Sevigny | Lois Deon

Sevigny checks in for her second season as a woman with a dark past, who is now living seemingly happy as a homemaker.

Michael Chiklis | Dr. Nelson Brackett

Chiklis comes back for a second season as an intelligent scientist who is out of work and is desperate to find a job soon.

Christine Estabrook | Abigail White

Estabrook makes her debut as a realtor of the hotel

The cast looks promising but unfortunately, after four seasons, Jessica Lange, will not be appearing in the upcoming season; a fact that she confirmed at this year’s PaleyFest.

We’ve had a great run here. I mean, I absolutely love doing these four characters and in all the madness, I love the writers and Ryan [Murphy] and the insanity of shooting it.

-Jessica Lange

While we’re glad many cast members will be coming back, it’ll be sad that we won’t see any more of Lange’s classic sass.


What do you think of the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel? Let us know in the comments!

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