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Geek Girl: Steampunk Kato

British fashion designer, Kato founded clothing label Steampunk Couture back in 2005.

With her keen eye and attention to detail, Kato produces high-quality, custom-fit clothing and accessories catering specifically to the steampunk genre.

I came across Kato’s first collection a few years ago which officially started my obsession with Steampunk.

Not only are her creations incredibly beautiful but, Kato herself is so insanely sexy, it’s impossible for you not to fall in love with her clothes. Don’t believe me? Check them out!

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10 Comments on Geek Girl: Steampunk Kato

  1. brb

    I recently bought some items from Steampunk Couture (Lady Gen dress you can see there: ). It wasn´t very cheep… around $800. I bought also a top and a pant. It was for my job, so very important. When I recived it, I noticed it was overspeed-made: lots of defects, wrong pant´s size, wrong pant´s colour (I wanted white and she gave me black)… I took pics of all that and told Kato. She admited all the defects and apologized twice. She told me that someone else did the dress (I´m not sure about that) and she hadn´t supervised the final work, but she NEVER proposed to change it or to give me my money back. I´m Spanish, so as you can know, we haven´t got lots of money these times. I never could use it for my job and in total I spent about 1000 euro, a really fortune for my pocket! I don´t want to resell it , it would be a swendle!. If you want to buy something from Kato, pay attention… you can be surprised! Kato is a very good top model, but a disastrous seamstress. I still have the pics I can send you if you are hesitating about to buy from her or not. I thought she was an upright person, I was wrong 🙁

  2. backlyt

    yup. she is way too good looking. And a chick that makes stuff is super hot. Please tell me she’s totally tone deaf or I might die.

  3. Guest

    This biatch is on Fetlife dot com with a profile simply to send people to her website – another wannabe designer trying to take your money from soft porn shots and as mentioned before, the quality of her ‘work’ is distressing.

  4. Aidan Taylor

    Wow! Somebody trying to make money, what a disgusting idea! If you are ‘distressed by the ‘quality of her work’ you might have issues which need to be addressed. The internet is a marketplace, if you don’t like what’s on offer, it’s okay to just shuffle by without bad mouthing someone who is making an effort to have a successful life. As far as I can see, she’s a beauty with brains and the energy to travel down the road of her choosing.

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