The Wonders of Steam at The World’s Fair

If you’ve spent any time around the convention scene in the last few years you’ve no doubt seen the wonderful and creative machinations of your local steampunk community on full display.  The aesthetic, which can at it’s most basic be described as Charles Dickens crossed with William Gibson, has gathered much popularity with people the world over. Popular characters have been getting the Steampunk treatment all over the place and plenty of original works of the genre have been appearing across every medium imaginable.

And there is no bigger gathering for the Steampunk crowd than the Steampunk World’s Fair, an event that could easily be described as the San Diego Comic-Con of the Steampunk world.  Since 2010 the event has traveled from city to city giving the clockwork minded folks a place to come and be among each other.  The World’s Fair website states that the goal of the event isn’t to be the biggest and best Steampunk convention around, but is instead about creating a warm and welcoming environment to both long time Steampunks and newcomers alike.

This year the show is making it’s home in Piscataway, New Jersey, and is boasting a great line up. In addition to the usual workshops and panels the 2015 World’s Fair will be having a live concert performance by Steampunk rockers Steam Powered Giraffe.

To help promote the 2015 event a small game has been released for all mobile platforms.  The game is simple, guide a cute little steampowered robot across platforms and dodging incoming missiles while collecting nuts and bolts scattered about the screen.  It’s nothing revolutionary but the art style is very distinct and if you’re looking to keep yourself entertained for while waiting for a bus it will do the trick nicely.

The Steampunk World’s Fair will be running from May 15-17 at The Radisson Hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey.  For more information visit the World’s Fair website.

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