The Nerds Podcast: The CW

Fall is upon us.  That means the CW is about to unleash their DC lineup.  This isn’t an ordinary line up though, this is a juggernaut of television.  What’s being done here is new.  DC is folding four shows into one TV universe.  It’s like trying to juggle four Marvel movies every week for a full television season.  If you like observing experiments, then you’ll be interested to see how this one turns out.  It’s an experiment so huge, that we brought in experts to help us out.

Jill and Kir from New World Slackers join The Nerds to talk about the ins and outs of potential CW goodness, and there is a lot of potential to go around.  How is DC going to handle the overlap?  How are they going to handle Flashpoint, and what are they going to do with Legends of Tomorrow?

There are awesome rumours and ideas thrown out in the podcast, if you love conspiracy theories, then you’ll love what you hear.  There is some cross pollination with Gotham and Arrow, who seem to be running the same story lines.  Can the CW stand out from the super hero saturation, or will they get lost in the static?

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What do you think about the upcoming CW season?  What are you expecting in the crossover episodes?  Will the CW stand out from the rest of the DCU? Is it possible Greg Berlanti did a better Superman in 15 seconds of trailer than Zack Snyder did in two movies?  I think they did.


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