A G33K’s Guide To NXNE: Thursday

And we’re off! Last night was a blast, so let’s see where NXNE is taking us until the wee hours tonight.


No Use For a Name @ Yonge Dundas Square (7pm)
Good Riddance @ Yonge Dundas Square (8pm)
Bad Religion @ Yonge Dundas Square (9pm)

DJ Misty & The TeenageWerewolf @ Bovine Sex Club (all night)

ARSON @ The Rochester (11pm)
First generation Toronto punks ARSON play take-no-prisoners Stooges and MC5 Detroit punk with the Stranglers and the Clash’s brain power. Should probably be in a musuem, yet you’ll find them back on stage. Go worship.

Protest The Hero @ Lee’s Palace (12am)
Techy, mathy and progressive-metal favourites from Whitby that even people who don’t like metal like.

Careers In Science @ The Rochester (1am)
Fast, guitar-driven songs about giant monsters, suburban paranoia and that moment when you realize you’re no longer a kid, Careers In Science make nerdy post-punk and hardcore influenced punk rock by way of Black Flag and Devo.

Mean Jeans @ Parts&Labour (1am)
“Cool punk” from Portland punk trio playing Ramones-style gigantic, three-powerchord songs with pinhead lyrics.

Tupper Ware Remix Party @ Hideout (2am)
TWRP is exactly this: Daft Punk, Iron Maiden, Justice and Parliamentall smashed into six spandex-clad, keytar wielding, pylon wearing,pelvic thrusting, wildly out of control individuals claiming to befrom outerspace, except with way more lazers, confetti, and sci fi references.

Where will you be rocking and rolling tonight?

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