D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 1

What happens when six guys are sitting at a table with murder, mayhem, and profit on their mind?  Just about anything?

GEEKPR0N presents Wizards of the Coast: The Hoard of the Dragon Queen.   A set campaign module for Dungeons & Dragons.

We started recording back in 2014, and are now ready to showcase the adventure.

Let’s meet our cast of characters, and where they’ll be playing.

The Greenest of Flames

Our group of adventurers are on their way to Greenest, where nothing could go wrong.  It’s just a little place in the middle of nowhere; certainly nothing involving dragons could be involved.

Our group of adventurers in the wagon are:

Locian Moonshadow –Half Elf Warlock, played by Evan Dickson (@EvDickson)

Tarek (Bard of Destiny) –Dragonborn Bard, played by Tom Chounpanh (@tchounpanh)

Hakh –Half Orc Barbarian, played by Trevor Coleman (@trevorcoleman)

Paela –Halfling Monk, played by James Fraser (@jamfraser)

Vondal Loderr –Dwarven Cleric, played by Miles Andrew Baker (@MilesABaker)

The DM, Human Weirdo, played by Jonny Robertson (@Fotoguy79) – That’s me!

Let us know how we do.  We may make mistakes, but at least we will make them consistently.

If you’re interested in other D&D podcasts, Acquisitions Incorporated had their gaming session this weekend at PAX East.  You can check that out here right here.

Stay tuned next Friday for Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 2

May the dice be ever in your favour.

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