D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Finale Part 1

“The Start of the End.”

We have come a long way.  Tarek and the Head Smashers have grown from a newbie party to heroes of legend.  It’s time to put it on the line against the Cult of the Dragon.  They reclaimed Hazirawn, they gathered allies to fight the Cult, and they fought the draconic forces at every step.  It is up to them to deliver the final blow and finish the followers of Tiamat once and for all.

The armies march on the Well of Dragons, but what will they find once they get there?  The ritual to summon Tiamat is concluding.  The group must now use their guile and abilities to put a stop to the ritual.  They bring The Lord’s Alliance, The Arcane Brotherhood, The Metallic Dragon Flight, The Nation of Thay, and Skyreach Castle; this will be a fight for the ages; it should be on Pay Per View.

It's time for the tilt of the century. Let's great ready tooooooo roll some dice.

It’s time for the tilt of the century. Let’s great ready tooooooo roll some dice.

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