D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 10

“Why do we fall, Master Wayne?  So we can learn to pick ourselves up again.” -Alfred Pennyworth

After the attack on Waterdeep, Tarek and the Head Smashers recovered from the ambush.  They scramble to secure the city, and make sure that the black dragon mask and Hazirawn are safe.  Once secured, they head south to Xonthal’s Tower.  The tower is a mysterious place where a powerful wizard once ruled.  It is foolish to enter a wizard’s tower uninvited, because a wizard that has been missing for a hundred years can leave nasty surprises for adventurers.  However, there is a lot at stake.  The Cult has struck back, and it is worrisome to leave Waterdeep behind.  Will the Cult strike again in their absence?

The Alliance is coming apart at the seems while the political decisions and guile of the Head Smashers is barely keeping egos and ideologies in check.  It’s time to wrangle in those egos and start working as a team.

Entering the hedge maze means a chance to claim the Blue Dragon Mask.  The group already has the Black Dragon Mask with them, if they get two of these potent items, the balance of power will shift.

When you see a mental puzzle is required to advance through a hedge maze.

When you see a mental puzzle is required to advance through a hedge maze in D&D.

It’s a risk, but how much is the Blue Dragon mask worth?  Can Iskender be trusted?  The group must negotiate the sun dial and hedge maze of Xonthal’s Tower, hopefully while staying alive.  There are active forces working against, as the magics of the hedge maze confuse and enthrall the party.

What will Tarek and the Head Smashers find inside Xonthal’s Tower?  What type of mysteries would a wizard of time and space hide?  What was the trickiest puzzle you and your D&D group have solved?  Let us know in the comments below.

This is episode 10.  Thank you for listening to the second season of the D&D Podcast.  If you need to catch up on previous episodes, you can find them here.

Music by Incompetech.

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